10 Essential Landscaping Tools

Yard tool laying on the ground
  • 1-80 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-400

Besides a little hard work, landscape maintenance requires landscaping tools. Without the essentials, keeping your lawn and garden looking great might be a lot more difficult. A lawnmower and rake are necessary to maintain an orderly patch of grass, but there are several others that you should have handy to get the work done easier. These 10 essential landscaping tools make work outside much more efficient.

Garden Tools

A big part of your landscape is your garden. Whether it is for vegetables or decorative plants and flowers, there are several necessary items to help keep it looking great.

Trowel—For light digging and uprooting of weeds and old stalks, it is much easier to use than a shovel.

Weed remover—Another small, handy garden and lawn tool. Get underneath the plant's roots to rid your garden once and for all of the bothersome weed.

Pruning tool/Shears—Don’t use scissors or a limb cutter to simply trim a plant when a pruning tool or pair of garden shears is the better choice.

Multi-setting hose nozzle—Another helpful tool, as it allows you to water all areas of the garden and lawn with different types of pressure.

Lawn and Landscape

wheelbarrow filled with dirt and planting supplies

Bigger tools are usually required for the best lawn and landscape maintenance. Assuming you already have a mower and a rake, these are the tools you will need to maintain and sculpt your non-garden landscape areas.

Shovel—Better than a trowel for the big digging jobs, a shovel can move a lot more dirt at once, plus it’s good to have around for cleanup or when you have a load of pea gravel to distribute.

Wheelbarrow—This tool is great for moving a semi-large quantity of material from one place to another. Rather than make a dozen trips, make one with a full wheelbarrow.

Rock rake—A rock rake not only can be used for pulling small to medium sized rocks from a bed, it is a great tool for smoothing out dirt and other materials. It can also help with forcibly pulling overgrown weeds from an area.

Hoe—A hoe works well to chop up tough soil in preparation for vegetable or flower planting. If you ever need to mix cement in a wheelbarrow, it does that job well too.

Edger—Keep the edges of your lawn nice and tidy with this tool. A spade can also be used to prevent grass from overgrowing on the sidewalk.

Limb cutter—Much larger and heftier than garden shears, a limb cutter takes down old branches and overgrowing twigs, not to mention out-of-control rambling roses and rhododendrons.

There are undoubtedly other tools that you might consider essential to your landscaping work. These are just the basics. One great thing about these tools lying around is that you can always find other uses for them. Having these tools will make your landscape maintenance a routine part of your home’s upkeep.