10 Great Breezeway Decoration Ideas

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A breezeway is a sometimes forgotten area when it comes to decor. It is an area that we use all the time, be it to go to the garage to get in the car, or perhaps to do laundry. It can be spruced up into a very special area that will make you want to stop and enjoy spending some time there. Here are 10 great decorating ideas for your breezeway.

1. Flowers or Vegetables

With the open area in the breezeway, this would be an optimal spot to plant some vegetables and flowers. Plant them along each side for an easy-care garden.

2. Flowing Sheers

Placing window sheers at the corners or scattered across is lovely when flowing in the breeze. It will give the breezeway the feel of an outdoor room. Hang them by attaching hooks along the sides of the breezeway, and running a thin wire across and attaching them. Be sure you get sheers made of a fabric that will be safe outdoors. Polyester works well outside. You can find used sheers at thrift stores or yard sales to keep the cost to a minimum.

3. Cafe Table Set

If your breezeway is wide enough, you can place a small cafe table and chairs to have a cozy place to sit to have a cup of coffee or read the newspaper.

4. Water Feature

Place a water feature by your breezeway. There are many options as far as designs available. You can add a simple water fountain or a birdbath with a water feature attached. The sound of the flowing water is very calming.

5. Bird Houses

Place several birdhouses and hummingbird feeders through the breezeway. You can paint them for a nice decorative item, and get the benefit of having a great spot for birdwatching.

6. Decorative Pots

Decorative pots can be functional as well as a decorative feature. Store your water hose or gardening tools in them. Paint them to make a colorful display.

7. Park Benches

Place one or two park benches on your breezeway. Benches can be purchased with planters on each side will also allow you to add some color with flowers or plants.

8. Solar Lights

Solar lights along the breezeway will give you needed light at night, as well as give you additional curb appeal. New styles are available that are more decorative. They can be found in the shape of flowers and animal characters, as well as other shapes, so you can add some whimsical style to the area.

9. Decorative Trellis

Adding a decorative trellis, such as a patterned lattice trellis, will give you a little privacy. You can plant some climbing flowers or plants, such as morning glories or ivy as an additional feature. You can purchase different shapes at a garden or home improvement center, or you can buy a piece of trellis and make your own.

10. Party Lights

Putting up a string of party lights adds whimsy and light to your breezeway. They are available in hundreds of shapes and colors and you're sure to find a design that you will like, adding an amusing touch to the area.