10 Indoor DIY Projects to Do While You're in Quarantine

reupholstery materials and tools

Many of us are heading into a period of self-isolation as a way to protect our families and ourselves from the dangers of the COVID19 pandemic. This might mean being less productive than usual, but there are still tons of DIY projects to be done within your four walls. These ten ideas will help take your mind off the anxiety of our situation, and leave your home feeling upgraded as a result.

1. Hang a Gallery Wall

Have tons of art or family photos you’ve been looking to hang up? Take advantage of time inside and do just that. This can easily be done over the course of a day, as all you have to do is gather your frames, art, and accents. From there, map out how they will be arranged and hung on the wall of your choosing. Then, add the necessary hardware to the wall and hang your items. You’ll have a gorgeous gallery in no time.

family pho gallery wall

2. Reupholster a Chair

Give that drab armchair a facelift. To do so, start by unscrewing the seat from the frame. Remove the existing fabric. Recover the frame with the fabric of your choosing, stapling the new material to the chair seat. In those few easy steps, you’ll have a totally refreshed chair that feels like new.

3. Create Ribbon Accents

If you have pretty ribbon lying around as well as fabric glue, you can complete an easy DIY project in no time. Add ribbon to items such as curtains or pillows to give them a revamped look without much work or a high cost. This will add a splash of color to any home accessory.

4. Revamp Your Headboard

Looking to add texture and color to your bedroom? Look no further than your headboard. You can simply embellish yours by using glue to add textured embellishments in whatever design you desire to it. Once the glue hardens, paint your headboard a new color to add some color or a new look to your bedroom.

5. Create a Terrarium

Take succulents and any glass container you have lying around and create your own terrarium garden. This will be a great way to incorporate nature into your home. Plus, terrariums are low-maintenance plants that are long lasting.

small curved glass terrariums with green plants

6. Transform a Vase

Everyone ends up with a shelf full of plain glass vases in their home, so why not reimagine one of yours? Take jute rope and coil it around the entirety of the vase, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top or vice versa. Once you get to the end, glue the rope in place. This gives the vase a transformed, nautical, and beachy look that will look great with a big bunch of flowers in it on your counter.

7. Add a Pattern to Your Dresser

Turn a plain, boring dresser into a statement piece in any bedroom. Do so by adhering a beautiful wallpaper to the outside of the drawers. This creates an interesting and unique look that you can customize to your tastes.

8. Fix a Wobbly Chair (or Two)

Use some of your extra time to fix a wobbly chair that acts as an annoyance in your home. Do so by drilling a hole through the chair leg, filling the problematic joint with glue. The fix is as easy as that in most cases!

9. DIY Placemats

Placemats help to dress up any table, and you can make some that are completely spill-proof while remaining stylish. Complete this project by cutting any fabric you like into 12 by 17 inch rectangles. Iron the fabric so that each piece is completely flat. Then, Iron on pieces of vinyl to each mat on the top and bottom, trimming the vinyl so that it’s the same size as the fabric. You’ll end up with long-lasting and pretty placemats.

simple wooden tray with metal handles

10. Create a Cabinet Tray

A serving or accent tray is a welcome addition to any home. Use an old cabinet door and a pair of drawer pulls for this project. Take the old cabinet door and first use wood filler to plug up any existing holes. After the filler dries, sand the cabinet down and paint it in the color of your choosing. Finally, drill holes and screw in the handles. Then you’ll have a chic tray that you’ll use time after time.