10 Infrared Sauna Care Tips

An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses infrared heat in place of steam or air. These appliances require minimal cleaning and maintenance. However, with a few simple steps, you can prolong the life of your infrared sauna and also maximize your enjoyment every time you use it.  Following are some essential infrared sauna care tips.

1 – Ensure Correct Installation

This is probably the most important initial step towards ensuring proper care for your infrared sauna. Installation must only be performed by qualified personnel. Improper installation will increase the chances of accidents or malfunction and will also void your warranty.

2 – Keep Inflammable Materials Away

For your safety and also for proper functioning of the infrared sauna, you must keep heat emanating appliances, corrosive materials and inflammable objects a safe distance away.

3 – Reserve a Separate Outlet for the Infrared Sauna

Your infrared sauna is a heavy-duty appliance. It requires an electric outlet that does not provide power to any other appliance. Never use an extension cord for the infrared sauna. It is advisable to use a GFCI device for the sauna.

4 – Turn off the Infrared Sauna after 2 Hours of Continuous Use

Never operate the infrared sauna for more than 2 hours at a stretch. The same is true for the stereo equipment, fans or lighting that may be provided with the sauna. After 2 hours of use, it is advisable to turn off the sauna for at least an hour before resuming use. After every session, leave the sauna open for some time to ensure proper drying.

5 – Ensure that the Sauna is Installed on a Level Surface

For proper operation and for safety reasons, you must install the infrared sauna on a dry, level surface. Protect the sauna from rain, snow and other sources of moisture.

6 – Use Thick Towels to Sit On

To prevent sweat and body oils from penetrating the wood, you must always use thick towels to sit on when you are using the infrared sauna.

7 – Wipe the Interior with Mild Soap and Water on a Weekly Basis

If you use the infrared sauna regularly, you can minimize the buildup of dirt by sweeping the floor with a soft broom on a weekly basis. Use a soft cloth to wipe the benches, walls and other interior surfaces with a solution made of mild soap and water.

8 – Keep Water Away from the Heat Tube

To prevent damage to the infrared heat tube, you must keep it away from moisture. Never spray or direct water towards it. When you clean the area around the heat tube, use minimal water and ensure prompt drying.

9 – Avoid the Use of Strong Cleaners or Sealers on the Wood

Never use strong chemicals to clean the interior of the sauna. Such cleaners can damage the wood and also emanate toxic gases when the sauna is in operation.

10 – Be Careful During Transport or Storage

If you ever have to transport the infrared sauna, you must protect it from the natural elements. Ensure that it is properly supported during transport. If you have to store the sauna, choose a secure, dry, cool place.