10 Meat Slicer Safety Tips

A meat slicer slices meats and cheeses to the required thickness and size. It is a tool that consists of a very sharp blade rotating at high speeds. Usually, these tools are used in commercial settings but an increasing number of homeowners are realizing the benefits of these appliances that greatly reduce the labor involved in chopping meat.

Most meat slicers operate on electricity and must be used with great caution. Because the blade rotates at very high speeds, it can cause grievous injury to any body part it comes in contact with. For safe operation, follow the instructions listed below.

1 – Read Instructions First

Before operating a meat slicer for the first time, read the instruction manual and make sure you understand the instructions. Watch a co-worker handle the tool and voice any doubts you may have. Operate the tool in the presence of an experienced co-worker or supervisor for the first few times.

2 – Keep Work Area Free of Clutter

Keep the area around the meat slicer free of obstacles and clutter. This will make the operation much safer and quicker.

3 – Focus on Task

Never use the meat slicer when you are talking to somebody or looking elsewhere. Complete the task at hand and then respond to people or turn off the meat slicer and finish the conversation. Keeping your eyes on the tool at all times is important if you want to avoid accidents.

4 – Wear Cut-resistant Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves protect your hands from the meat slicer. Wear gloves recommended by the manufacturer or as provided by your employer.

5 – Never Push Meat with Hands

Always use the food pusher or tamper to push the meat or cheese towards the meat slicer. Never use your hands, even if they are protected with gloves.

6 – Hold Meat in Place

Make sure the meat is secured in place so that it does not slip or fall and distract you from the task at hand. If the meat or cheese does fall, turn off the meat slicer before you retrieve the fallen items.

7 – Never Reach across Meat Slicer

Never reach across the meat slicer under any circumstances. If you have to retrieve something from the other side, turn off the tool and walk around it.

8 – Lock Blade when Not in Use

When you are not using the meat slicer, turn it off and unplug it. Move the blade to the “zero” or locked position so that it will not injure anybody.

9 – Clean with Caution

Before you clean the meat slicer, turn it off, unplug it and lock the blade. You can wash removable parts in the sink or dishwasher. Never leave the blade or other sharp component in the sink, because somebody else may put his hand in there and get cut.

10 – Never Tamper with Safety Switch

The safety switch is a vital component of the meat slicer. Never try to modify it or bypass it when you work with the tool. This can cause grave injury to you and your coworkers in the vicinity.