10 Outdoor Party Hacks

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So, you're in the mood to throw a party, but don’t want to drain your bank account in the process. Of course, you want your friends to think that you went all out and spared no expense, but how can that happen? Easy-- check out these cool, fun, and thrifty party hacks for the best outdoor party ever. Your friends will want to know all of your secrets!

Light it Up

A trip to your local home center will prove just how expensive outdoor lighting can be. Why not be creative and make your own light? Here are 3 quick and easy projects to light up your party:

Colorful Canning Jar Lights

Oh, how versatile canning jars can be. Simply cover the outside of the jars with translucent glass paint and hang them from lighting/cord fixtures to create a colorful cluster of lights. This is great for a centerpiece.

Wine Bottle Torch

Every party needs a few of these, and they're a great DIY hack. Find some pretty wine bottles, add a Tiki Torch replacement wick and some lamp oil and voila…instant light! You can even mount the bottles to a fence or deck using metal brackets if you wish.

Dollar Store Basket Light

Purchase a small woven basket from the dollar store along with some fishing line, lightweight chain, and a round outdoor LED light. Attach the LED light to to the inside of the basket using fishing line, run your chain through the weave and hang your light on a metal hook. These look great when placed along a fence and will provide plenty of light.

Fun and Games

Who doesn’t like party games? No matter what your age, everyone will enjoy these.

Lighted Ring Toss

Make a ring toss base using some scrap wood and metal. Break out the glow sticks and connect them end-to-end to make lighted rings. Toss away!

Massive Jenga Game

Who doesn’t love Jenga? This game is so much fun and you can easily create a massive game simply by using 2x4s and some paint.

Yard Dominoes

Dominoes in the large are easy to make and will last for years. Visit here to learn how to make a set for your next outdoor party.

Creative Snacks

Anyone can open a bag of chips and pour them into a bowl. How about making some awesome party snacks that everyone will love? Try these party food hacks at your next festivity, or just this weekend for your family.

Fruit Kabobs

Instead of grilled meat and veggies, why not place some colorful fruit pieces on a skewer. This makes a fun and healthy snack.

“Cool” Help Yourself Bar

Keeping drinks cold at a party can sometimes be a hard thing. So you don’t have to constantly man a drink station, try this easy DIY bar cooler. Build a shallow plywood box (you can paint or stain it if you like) and set it on a few cinder blocks (you can spray paint these to dress the whole thing up). Fill the box with ice and set your drinks inside.

Iced Coffee Popsicles

Yummy and very easy to make, iced coffee popsicles will be a sure treat. Just make sure that some of these are decaf!

Corn on the Cob in the Cooler

Put corn in the bottom of a clean cooler, cover it with boiling water, and shut the lid. Wait about twenty minutes and your corn is cooked and ready to eat!