10 Paint Trends to Try

a stylish kitchen with green painted cabinets and wood counters

When planning for this year’s home renovations, remember that even the smallest of changes can have the biggest impact. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to breathe new life into a room. In keeping pace with the modern world, here are the top paint trends to try out in 2022.

1. Color

From dusky blues to pastel pinks, paint colors are getting a makeover in 2017. For a more confident look, bold reds, lime greens, and dusky blues are taking center stage, while taupes and earthy greens remain the traditional look.

If bold isn’t your style, consider incorporating light yellows, blues, and pinks to your walls to make a room stand out.

2. Greens

A green room.

What better way to bring more nature into your life than with foliage inspired pallets? Dark greens and lush colors are becoming more and more popular for indoor decor. To maximize the look, incorporate pieces of furniture that contain natural textiles and organic materials.

3. Contrasts

Whatever color you choose, a good paint job should include some contrast. Adding dramatic contrast to a room will really make things stand out and can add layers of dimension to a wall. Trendy options include orange on navy blue or a light yellow on gray.

4. Pastels

A blue wall with a pink couch against it.

Pastels are undergoing a lot of changes in the new year. They're trending more than ever, but do need a few bright shades mixed in to match the modern age.

These colors are great for spaces that the entire family enjoys and can be used in conjunction with wall accents and trim coloring. Pastels can also be used with shapes and stripes on feature walls.

5. Monochromatic

If you don't want contrasting colors, another good technique is using a monochromatic scheme. Whether its different shades of white in a bedroom or tones of green in the kitchen, monochromatic colors can give off a clean and sleek look. They are also great for using with textured walls and decor.

6. Black

If you don’t want to mess with a full-color scheme, black is still a trendy option. For a more modern twist, consider painting trim black against a white wall. This technique is especially useful to highlight architectural elements such as high ceilings and large window frames.

7. Fresco

A close-up image of a wall with yellow fresco.

Plaster is quickly becoming the new paint. Incorporating plaster, like Venetian or Tadelakt, on a wall is a great way to add detail and depth using traditional techniques.

Even better, it doesn’t take a professional to apply plaster. There are many materials on the market that can achieve a similar look, like chalk paints or polished patinas.

8. Overhead

Ceilings are often overlooked when painting a room. Take full advantage of overhead space by giving your ceilings an added shine. For the new year, designers are turning to metallic paints that help reflect light throughout the room. Keep in mind that a metallic look works better if you have matte or textured walls.

9. Trim

A white baseboard against a green wall with a can of paint and a paintbrush.

Painting the trim to accent a wall isn’t always a desired option. If you don’t want to paint the trim a different color, make sure it's kept clean.

There’s little that will ruin a good paint job other than sloppily painted trim. Fortunately, there are specialized brushes that can make painting trim and corners a breeze and achieve a more professional look.

10. Basics

In addition to trending colors this year, neutral tones remain a heavy favorite. Whether it’s a crisp white or a soft gray, a basic color scheme can make a space relaxing and calm. In combination with natural materials and tactile fabrics, neutral colors will be a featured trend in 2017.