10 Power Scraper Safety Tips to Remember

A power scraper is a tool that is useful for the kinds of scraping that would require a lot of time and effort if done manually. This tool makes it very easy and effortless to scrape materials off of walls and floors, usually before renovation or repair projects. With the help of a power scraper, you can remove tiles, old paint or wallpaper in a fraction of the time it would take to do so by hand. Like all other power tools, the use of a power scraper requires you to follow some important safety precautions.

1 – Work in a Clear, Well Lit Area

A power scraper contains sharp chisels that move at high speed and force to remove bits of unwanted material from surfaces. To prevent accidents, you must work in a well lit area. Avoid clutter around your work place as well.

2 – Keep Power Scraper Away from Moisture

Like all power tools, a power scraper must be protected from moisture. Never use a power scraper in wet conditions, as this can cause electric shocks. Leaving the tool exposed to the weather can also damage it and cause it to malfunction.

3 – Wear Adequate Protection

When you work with a power scraper, you must always wear safety goggles, because there is a high risk of flying particles. You can also wear a face mask to prevent fume inhalation and use ear protection to prevent damage to your hearing.

4 – Ensure a Steady Footing

Wear heavy rubber soled footwear to improve your footing and also to reduce the chances of electric shocks. Never overreach or stand on an unsteady, wobbly surface.

5 – Store the Power Scraper when it is Not in Use

After you finish work, you must store the power scraper in a safe place. This will keep it protected from the weather and also keep it away from the wrong hands.

6 – Disconnect the Power Scraper before Changing Chisel

Every time you have to change the chisel or bit, you must turn off the power scraper and disconnect it beforehand. Leaving it on may lead to accidental starting and can cause severe injury.

7 – Perform Required Maintenance

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubrication and maintenance of the power scraper. It is advisable to have maintenance and repairs performed by qualified personnel only. If you do the maintenance yourself, practice extreme caution and unplug the tool beforehand.

8 – Avoid Forcing the Power Scraper

Never apply excessive force when you are using a power scraper. This will lead to unsatisfactory results and will also increase the chances of the tool buckling backwards.

9 – Never Touch the Chisel Immediately after Finishing a Job

After you finish working, the chisel will be extremely hot for some time. It is therefore necessary to keep the tool aside for some time after an operation. Change the chisel when it is cool to the touch.

10 – Carry the Tool Carefully

When you carry the power scraper around, hold it by the handle and avoid touching the switch. Never carry the tool by its cord. Never pull on the cord to unplug the tool and avoid yanking the cord around.