10 Pros and Cons to Outdoor Copper Lighting

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Exterior lights are a crucial aid if you intend to boost security, enhance functionality, and improve a home's outdoor ambiance. You’ll come across various exterior lights on the market. Copper lighting is one choice you can make for your home. Below are some of the advantages and drawbacks of copper lighting for outdoor use to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Pro: Corrosion Resistant

Copper lighting fixtures undergo a natural oxidation over time. The process creates a greenish film on the fixtures known as patina. This natural layer gives the lights increased protection from the effects of corrosion. It makes copper lights suitable for various environments.

Pro: Aesthetic Value

Outdoor copper lighting can transform the look of your home. Exterior copper lights add style and charm to your curb appeal due to their natural beauty. The patina changes the hue of the lighting fixtures as they age. This adds to the unique look of the lights. The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere is sure to distinguish your home from others.

Pro: Wide Design Options

Copper lighting comes in a wide range of natural colors and styles. The range includes hanging lights, surface step lights, louvered step lights, floodlights, bullet spotlights, and collar stake lights. You can get outdoor copper lights that resemble plants, flowers, birds and various other artistic creations. It gives you more flexibility in your landscape design.

Pro: High Durability

copper light fixture

Copper lighting fixtures are amongst the most durable on the market. Strong winds, heavy rains, or flying debris have little impact on the lights. Prolonged exposure to sunlight doesn’t cause the lights to become brittle. Copper lights also do not rust or rot.

Pro: Adds Value to Your Home

Price is one of the cons associated with copper light fixtures. The lights may be costly to acquire but are a good investment in the long run. Due to their natural beauty, high resilience and durability, copper lighting fixtures add value to your home.

Pro: Eco-Friendly

Copper is recyclable. This helps to slow down the exploitation of existing copper ores. It contributes to the conservation of natural resources.

Con: Costly

Copper lighting is one of the higher priced varieties of outdoor lights on the market. The high price may be a deterrent to acquisition, especially if you intend to install several lights.

Con: High Maintenance

Outdoor copper light fixture dusted in snow

Copper lights are high maintenance. If not well cleaned and maintained regularly, your costly investment will quickly lose its beauty. It takes time and effort to maintain the lights in good shape.

Con: Sensitivity to Cleaning Aids

Only specific cleaners should be used on copper lighting fixtures due to the sensitive nature of the material. General household cleaners easily spoil the fine appearance of the lights. Cleaners that contain ammonia or acid will ruin your copper lighting. To be on the safe side, it is best to consult an expert before you clean your copper lights.

Con: Susceptible to Tarnish

Copper outdoor lights are also subject to tarnish. You need to apply some lacquer periodically to prevent tarnish. This adds to your maintenance costs.