10 Self Propelled Lawn Mower Safety Tips

A self propelled lawn mower is a powerful machine that operates on gas or electricity. It is ideal for large lawns or slopes, because the engine propels the lawn mower ahead. All the operator has to do is walk behind the mower and guide it around the property. Before you operate a self propelled lawn mower, you must read the instruction manual and familiarize yourself with the safety precautions and tips. Some of the important safety tips are listed below.

1 – Dress in Protective Gear

The most important step towards safety is the right clothing. Wear snug, comfortable clothing that covers your entire body. Avoid loose, flowing hair or jewelry that could get caught somewhere. Safety goggles, gloves and heavy, slip-resistant footwear are also important. Never mow barefoot or in sandals.

2 – Clear Any Obstructions Beforehand

Before you start mowing, do a quick inspection of the grass and remove any rocks, sticks or stones that could be flung around when the mower is in motion. If the grass is very tall, you may not see all these objects. If so, reduce the height of the grass with one pass and then remove the obstructions before you mow the grass to the desired height.

3 – Ensure that all Parts and Shields are Secure

Before you start the lawn mower, make sure that no nuts or bolts are missing. The covers and shields must all be securely in place. Never operate the lawn mower if any part or protective shield is missing.

4 – Turn the Engine Off before Making Adjustments

If you need to adjust the height of the blades or if you want to inspect the grass ahead, turn off the lawn mower first. Never leave the engine running unattended even for a second.

5 – Stay Away from the Blades

The powerful blades on a self propelled lawn mower can cause serious injury. Stay well away from the blades at all times and keep bystanders a safe distance away. Turn off the engine if someone approaches you.

6 – Never Allow Young Children to Operate the Machine

Even if a teenager seems enthusiastic to help, you must never hand over the machine unless you are confident that the person is strong enough to handle it. Teenagers operating the mower must be supervised at all times.

7 – Never Pull the Lawn Mower towards Your Body

Always guide the self propelled lawn mower ahead, not backwards. Results could be disastrous if you lose control.

8 – Only Use the Machine in Broad Daylight

Run the self propelled lawn mower when there is good visibility. Never operate it if you are tired, drowsy or under medication.

9 – Avoid Steep Slopes

Though self propelled lawn mowers are the ideal solution for slopes, you must only use them on slopes that you are confident of handling. There is a high risk of slipping or loss of control on steep slopes, which you must avoid.

10 – Use a Stick to Remove Clogged Grass

Remove the collected grass clippings when the bag is almost full. Turn off the engine beforehand and use a stick to remove any clogs. Never use your hand.