10 Steps to the Ultimate Guest Room

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Clear the clutter, make room in the closet, and freshen the sheets and blankets! The holiday guests will be arriving before you can blink an eye. But those are just the usual things you do before your overnight guests arrive. How about making it an experience they will never forget? Here are ten ways to do just that.

Step 1 - In this day and age of smart phones and tablets, it is always useful for your guests to have access to your wifi code. Rather than verbally giving the code each time a new guest arrives, think about making a print out of the code and framing it. You could hang it on a wall or place the framed code on the nightstand.

Step 2 - Even though most folks bring their own toiletries, there is always something that someone forgets. How about making a little basket that could include small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, toothpaste, pain reliever and a (new) toothbrush. The basket could be lined with a fresh clean hand towel and wash cloth. Add a ribbon to make it classy. Place a box of tissues neat the basket for a finishing touch.

Step 3 - While you are making the above basket, think about making a second basket that could include a mix of sweet and salty snacks. Most guests are too polite to ask for a nighttime snack. If you have it all ready for them, they can choose what they want without feeling like a bother. Line with a stack of napkins.

Step 4 - Having a night light available for guests to find their way in the dark is always a nice addition. A clock radio could pull double duty by providing some light and soothing music to fall asleep by.

Step 5 - Sometimes people need just a little time alone, so proving a reading lamp and a few magazines is a nice way to make them feel comfortable.

Step 6 - Provide some water bottles in a visible location. Your guests may wake up in the middle of the night thirsty, and having some water available to them can save a trip to the kitchen in the dark.

Step 7 - I know several people that are more comfortable with a fan running while they sleep…even in the winter. If there is no ceiling fan in the room, provide another fan. Air circulation can be necessary any time of year.

Step 8 - You made room in the closet earlier, but did you remember to leave a dozen or so empty hangers for your guests to use?

Step 9 - Extra bath towels and blankets are a must for any guest room. Make sure they are fresh, clean and folded. Or, roll them up and arrange in a basket for a hotel feel.

Step 10 - Last but not least, provide an local map and ideas of fun things to do in the daytime hours. Every town has a Chamber of Commerce that provides brochures about such activities. Even though you may have lived in your town for many years, there is always something the Chamber can provide that you didn’t know about.

Make your guests' stay a good experience for both you and them. Think ahead about what they may need as individuals. There will be less stress for you and more comfort for them.