10 Tips for Better Basement Window Security

An unsecured basement window might be a prime target for burglars.

Basement windows can be easy entry points for intruders because the windows sit at ground level and can be easily manipulated. There are a lot of security measures you can take that will make all the difference in deterring potential burglars.

1. Keep Basement Windows Visible From the Outside

A basement window that is concealed by plants or shrubs is attractive to burglars because it provides them cover under which they can easily operate. If neighbors or passersby can easily see your window, there is a much higher chance of an intruder being spotted and many will not take the risk.

2. Use Shatterproof Glass

Avoid weak glass that burglars can easily shatter. Use tough, shatter-resistant glass for your basement windows; a thief who can't quickly smash your window for entry may give up for risk of being spotted.

3. Advertise Your Home Security System

A monitored home security system is one of the most effective ways of preventing break-ins. Ensure that any passersby can clearly see your home security stickers. Your basement windows must be secure and set up in alliance with the security system as well.

4. Install Security Bars

Heavy security bars made of iron or steel offer sufficient protection against intruders; however, you must install these bars in such a way that firefighters can still use the window as an exit point in case of an emergency. Most of these bars can be manipulated from the inside so that the window can provide an escape route.

5. Apply Security Film to the Glass

Security film is a layer of polyester which is placed inside the window. If the glass is broken, the inner layer will hold the pieces together. The broken pieces of glass, stuck together, can inhibit a burglar.

6. Make the Entry Point Impassable

To startle intruders when they try to enter the basement through the window, you can keep a squeaking toy that makes noise when it is stepped on. If you also place furniture or indoor plants such as cacti in front of the basement window. The intruder will have a difficult time making it past the entry point.

7. Use Locks

Use a reliable set of locks and keys for the basement windows if they do not have secure latches or other locking mechanisms. You must be able to open at least one window in the basement without keys in case of an emergency.

8. Block the View Into the Basement

Build your windows out of glass block that intruders cannot see through to the inside of your basement. Not only is glass block extremely strong and difficult to shatter, but it also prevents would-be intruders from seeing any potential dangers, obstacles, or witnesses. The more difficult your home appears to invade, the less likely they will be to try.

9. Use Good Lighting Outside

Make sure your basement windows are always well-lit at night. A dark home is always more likely to be burgled.

10. Use Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets offer high resistance to impact and are virtually unbreakable. These sheets are used in several commercial settings. An intruder who tries to break in will give up more easily when their entry point seems impossible to get into.