10 Tips for Installing a Water Softener System

There are a number of tips which can be kept in mind, while installing your water softener system. The following article outlines 10 tips for installing a water softener system in your home.

Tip 1 - Choosing Location

you need to choose the location of the water softener system and determine how much water is going to be utilized every day.

Tip 2 - Knowledge

Before installing the system, be aware of the directions and all the warnings mentioned in the manual. Decide if you would be able to install the system by yourself or would you require some help and knowledge from another person.

Tip 3 - Turning off

Always shut off the water lines and drain the lines by just turning the valve at the lowest and highest point in the house. This should be done in order to avoid any kind of currents in the future process.

Tip 4 - Assistance

Before starting the installation, make sure that you have a contact number of a good plumber who you could contact for last minute help, if you come across any problems during the installation of your new water softener system.

Tip 5 - Piping

Do not forget to place down a 10 feet of piping right in between the water softener the heater. The place where it is going to be placed should be dry and kept away from any kind of light, to avoid any further problems.

Tip 6 - Temperature

The temperature of the place where the piping is placed should be above freezing. So choose a place which is right next to the electrical outlet, as well as it should be near to the main drain and water line.

Tip 7 - Drain Line

While continuing the drain line, make sure that it has about a 4 inch gap right between the end of the line as well as the open drain, in order to avoid backflow.

Tip 8 - Cleaning

Before utilizing this appliance, make sure to clean all the parts of the water softener and clean the resin as well and remove all the built up materials. You can also set a timer on a particular cycle, in order to remind you to rinse and clean the water softener.

Tip 9 - Add Salt

Always remember to add salt to the brine tank below the top of the well before completing the installation of the water softener appliance. Always make sure to check the level of the salt as it should be at the right level for it to work properly.

Tip 10 - Remote Bypass

While installing a remote bypass, insert a male adapter, with a union on the end to the female adapter based on the brine tank. The main use of a remote bypass is to allow the water to go through the water softener.

These are few of the tips you should keep in mind during the installation process of the water softener, so that you are able to receive clean water throughout your entire home.