10 Tips to Building a BBQ Pit

A BBQ pit in its simplest form is a grill placed over a pit in the ground. With some effort and patience, you can build a BBQ pit in your backyard and enjoy cooking on an open fire. To build one safely and correctly, you can follow the below tips.

Tip 1: Ensure that Your Local Building Codes Allow the Building of BBQ Pits

Before you begin construction of the BBQ pit, check your local codes and regulations. If the use of a BBQ pit is forbidden or if you need special permission, you cannot proceed. Make sure you get the required approval.

Tip 2: Choose a Safe Location

A BBQ pit must be a safe distance away from any building, shed, trees and electric wires. A distance of about 10 feet is considered appropriate. Before you dig the ground, you must also make sure it is free of pipes, plumbing, electric wires, gas lines and cables.

Tip 3: Mark the Area with Spray Paint

Once you have chosen a safe spot, you can mark it with a stick or spade in the ground. You can build a BBQ pit of any shape or size, depending on the space available. A circular shape is easy to build, if you use a piece of string as the radius. You can tie the string to the central stake, tie a spray paint can to the other end and spray paint along the circumference of the circle. You can mark two circles and build a wall in the area in between.

Tip 4: Dig out the Soil

With a spade, dig out the soil to a depth of 10 to 12 inches. Make sure the soil is level and free of any combustible materials, twigs or leaves.

Tip 5: Mix Concrete with the Right Amount of Water

You will use concrete to build the boundary around the BBQ pit. Make sure you mix the right amount of water to make a thick paste.

Tip 6: Use Stone Blocks to Create a Border

Arrange stone blocks in the outer area and fill concrete in between. Make sure you keep to the markings and use a mallet to fit together small pieces.

Tip 7: Use Firebricks to Create an Inner Wall

You can use firebricks to create the inner wall for the BBQ pit. This material has a greater degree of resistance to heat.

Tip 8: Install a Fire Pit Ring

Once your boundary is ready, fit a fire pit ring inside it. This will add to the appeal of the fire pit and also help in creating a solid boundary.

Tip 9: Add Gravel and Sand

Add 4 to 5 inches of gravel and a couple of inches of sand on top of it. This will help in the flow of water and also help to control the fire.

Tip 10: Build a Stand for the Grill

Use a few firebricks to create a stand for your grill. This will provide you with a stable cooking surface. You can also decorate the BBQ pit with fire resistant paint.