10 Ways to Get More Work Space from Your Garage

An organized garage with boxes and items.

For many homeowners, the garage is not only a space to house vehicles, but it is also the first place one thinks of to store oddball items. The garage is often home to an assortment of things including tools, household items, unused materials, and seasonal decorations. With the garage also doubling as a great DIY workspace, things can get messy in a hurry. With that in mind, here are 10 ways to get more work space out of your garage without having to relocate many items.

1. Ceiling Storage

The ceiling is often an overlooked area in many garages. Adding a storage area in the ceiling is a great way to keep things up and out of the way. If your garage has exposed rafters, then it's as easy as laying down a few boards or plywood. Keep in mind that access to whatever you store in the ceiling is limited, so only store items that don’t get a lot of use, like seasonal decorations or seasonal sporting equipment.

2. Rolling Benches

While they work great for traditional shops, stationary work benches are not ideal for the garage. For a more versatile alternative, consider a rolling bench instead. With a movable work bench, you can easily keep it hidden when not in use and slide it out whenever you need. If you already have a work bench, then adding casters will accomplish the same goal.

3. Organize Tools

Yard tools hanging on a white wall.

Speaking of tools, the wall is a great way to smartly store bulkier items, including gardening and yard tools. Peg board is a great material for this purpose and can be hung on just about any exposed wall. Furthermore, installing pegboard around the height of a vehicle will help allow the space needed to park a car.

4. Add Wheels

Speaking of mobility, adding wheels to other items in your garage can also help save space. This can include floor cabinets, standing storage units, and tool chests. By making these types of items mobile, you add more potential work space in areas that are normally occupied by bulky units. Better yet, adding wheels is both an affordable and time-saving project.

5. Fold-up Benches

If you've always wanted to have a proper workbench in your garage but don’t have the space, then consider a fold-up bench. This will allow the space needed to park a car, while providing a workbench whenever needed. These types of workbenches are not hard to make, and can be finished in little time.

6. Tame the Small Stuff

A row of metal containers with small objects organized into it.

The smaller items are often the hardest things to keep organized. This includes nails, screws, jars, sandpaper, and extension cords, to name a few. In order to keep these items in check, consider organizing everything into labelled containers. Even better, find stackable storage containers to optimize space.

7. Wall Storage

In addition to the ceiling, adding wall storage in the form of shelves is a great way to organize items and keep things from cluttering up. The more shelves you can add the better, as floor space is key in creating a great work environment. Even more, adjustable shelving offers the option of adding more space whenever your tools outgrow the area.

8. Zones

With the garage serving a multitude of purposes, it is a great idea to divide it up into distinct areas or zones. Not only will this help organize the space but it will make things easier to find. The only trick is sticking to the system once everything is put in its own zone.

9. Clean House

A couple cleaning and organizing the garage.

If you truly need more work space in your garage, then it may be time for a thorough cleaning. You would be surprised at the items that are never used, expired, or are no longer needed. This includes old paint cans, dirty rags, and outdated household items. Ditching these items will free up this space for other, more used tools, and create a better organized garage in the long run.

10. Hang Up Large Items

The larger items in your garage, including ladders and wheelbarrows, are some of the biggest space killers. Whenever possible, try and get these types of items off the floor. Ladders can be hung sideways on the wall or the ceiling, while wheelbarrows can also be suspended by the wall.