11 Advantages of Using a Solar Electric Fence Charger

An electric fence.

Like the name implies, a solar electric fence charger will conserve energy. Solar-powered electric fences are used to maintain livestock, keep animals from wandering, and helps keep wildlife out of gardens. The advantage of solar electric is that the fencing requires no grid connection.

1. Keeps Animals Safe

An advantage to a solar electric fence charger is that it keeps animals from wandering off and getting lost. All you need is an area that is constantly surrounded by sunshine. The solar panel should receive adequate light for at least six hours. Just be sure to check once a month to see if the area still receives sunshine. As the seasons change, so does the direction of the sunlight.

2. Avoids Charged Fences

A solar electric fence is much safer when containing livestock. It avoids the electrical barbed wire fence that can actually kill animals.

3. Easy to Find

Solar electric fence chargers are easy to find. You can obtain one either at a hardware store or a farm supply store.

4. Protects Nature

Trees and other plants and gardens are preserved and protected. They won't be ruined by animals and wildlife.

5. Controls Livestock

A solar electric fence controls where livestock can ultimately go. It also improves the quality of the soil in the area. Even distribution of droppings occurs within this controlled area.

6. No Power Source

The use of a solar panel requires no power source (besides the sun).

7. Use in Remote Areas

A solar electric fence can be used in remote areas and require no operating costs.

8. Shock through Vegetation

Solar-powered fences are destined to shock through grass and all types of vegetation.

9. Easily Accessible

Solar electric fences can easily be moved from one area to the next. It is perfect for moving with livestock and to fertilize new growth in new grass areas.

10. Easy to Assemble

A solar electric fence is easy to assemble. With a permanent pen, mark the depth where the fence will go on top of the ground. Tap in posts using a hammer. Make sure these posts are about 3 meters apart. You can use as many stakes as you need.

Put hot tap into insulators. Always make sure any vegetation is not touching the fence. Fit on your solar fence charger. Make sure to use a 1-meter length of 12mm rebar galvanized.

Make sure you hammer this into the ground by the fence charge leaving about 22 centimeters of ground. To put into use, all you have to do is switch on the charger. Once the indicator light flashes on, it is ready to be put to use.

11. Works for Weeks

A solar-powered fence can work up to two weeks without sunshine. A solar-powered fence uses a power energizer, wire, or rod that moves electricity into the ground. It works by taking power from the sun and moving that heat into the ground. Seconds after, electrical energy moves through the wire to the ground.