11 Tips For a Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom with double sink vanity
  • 1-150 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-20,000

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home. With a few simple tips for a bathroom makeover, you can turn your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Not only will it help to escape from the daily grind, an updated bathroom will also add value.

Color Makes a Difference

Color can set the mood. Ask yourself what colors are most calming to you. Stick with neutral color tones like beige for a subtle, quiet appeal. Brighter colors can be added via accent tiles and accessories.


skylight in a roof

Skylights add a feeling of openness to a small bathroom, making it seem larger and more engaging.

Wall Coverings

Rather than paint, choose a subtle print wall covering or a border to pep-up the walls.


Instead of ordinary painted walls or wallpaper, try mirroring an entire wall of the bathroom for a more modern and sleek look. It will immediately open the space and make it much more inviting.

Wood Cabinetry

Wood cabinets quickly add warmth to the bathroom space; darker woods like cherry and mahogany add depth.


Replace old countertops with new countertops made of updated materials such as Travertine or slate. Formica countertops make bathrooms look outdated and dull.

Custom Showers

Customize the shower components to create an imaginable shower experience. Install new faucets, spa-like showerheads, and other streamlined additions to make the room feel like a day spa.

Create Calm

Create a calming environment via strategic lighting and sound. Task lighting works well for the shower and mirror areas, while ambient lighting is best for relaxing in the bath or listening to music.

Sound Systems

woman in a shower

Sound can soothe the soul. A small stereo system can bring in music, or music can often be piped in through the home's main stereo system.


Replace traditional white parceling toilets with newer models like tankless or sleek European designs. Just changing the toilet’s color can make a world of difference.


Remove old sink basins that have become stained or worn and replace them with state-of-the art vessel-shaped designs. These days, many homeowners are adding small make-up areas that are complete mirrors surrounded by matinee-like bulbs.

The bathroom has quickly gone from a place to wash and groom to one that has become a great getaway for many. Whether you do-it-yourself or hire a professional, your new bathroom should look great.