Deck Building 12 - Installing the Remaining Joists

Margin of Error: 1/4”

Not crowning joists.
Placing joist on wrong side of layout mark.
Most Common Mistakes

  1. Not crowning joists.
  2. Placing joist on wrong side of layout mark.

It is now time to install the remaining joists. Again, this is rather simple. Some builders cut the joists to length before installing. I recommend you cut the joists after almost all your decking boards are in place. The reason for this will become clear later on. Now, simply insert the joists into the joist hangers. Be sure, however, as you do this, that you crown each joist, pointing the bow skyward. Insert it in the hanger, nail the other (loose) side of the hanger tight up against the joist, and then nail hanger nails through the hanger into

the joist and ledger. Then toenail the joist (using two 10d HDG nails) through the joist into the girder. Special HDG L-shaped fasteners can be used here instead of nails. This is especially recommended in earthquake areas.

NOTE: Some builders, especially in areas of heavy rain or snow, also place galvanized metal flashing on top of each joist before the deck boards are applied. This flashing helps keep water from getting trapped between the decking and the joists, causing rot. Inquire whether this is done in your area.