12 Advantages of Propagating Your Cosmos

Propagation of cosmos flowers, which is the method of reproducing or initiating a new seedling or plant, has its advantages. Of course, uppity wildflower purists may shun these beauties, but cosmos also appeal to a lot of folks. For instance, the Cosmos Picotee stands out for its pretty red edges on every petal. So for those that particularly love these flowers, propagating cosmos is an excellent way to expand your collection of these lovely flowers, whether in your garden or inside vases.

12 Advantages of Propagating Your Cosmos

1. Cosmos Grow, and Re-Grow Easily

These annual flowers only live for 1 year, but they grow quickly and bloom heavily. Yet they can be re-grown the very next spring, if seeds fall on bare ground.

2. They’re Pretty Flowers

Cosmos have distinctive colorings, as they can be white with rosy-red edges. Their flowers are bright and colorful, and look a little like daisies. They also come in straight pink, maroon, as well as pink with deep flares. Stems are tall, and feature ferny leaves.

3. They’re Not Picky About Soil

Cosmos are adaptable to most any soil.

4. They Don’t Need a Lot of Rain

The Cosmos’ water requirements are minimal. As long as these conditions are average to arid, they’ll do just fine. They’re also fairly drought tolerant.

5. They Love America

Cosmos grow in all regions of North America

6. They Attract Beautiful Things

    Cosmos are known to draw birds and butterflies, which are always welcome guests in any garden.

      7. They Smell Good

      Chocolate cosmos (or cosmos atrosanguinea) candy the air with a vanilla tinged chocolate scent, which is a great smell.

      8. They’re Easy to Manage

      Cosmos are one of the easiest flowers to grow, and are mainly pest-free.

      9. They Like It Hot

      Cosmos are one of the best annuals for hot, dry locales.

      10. They Can Be Direct-Seeded

      Cosmos are annuals that can always be direct-seeded into planting areas.

      11. They Can Be Cut for Vases

      When freshly cut, cosmos blooms make for lovely bouquets. Once in a vase, they’ll last between seven and ten days. When you use cosmos for bouquets, choose flowers where the petals have recently opened because they will open completely as soon as they’re cut. Also, cut these flowers in the morning, as this is when their water levels are at their peaks, and then put them directly in a steep vase filled with tepid water. Also, before you arrange them, take off foliage in their lower step portions; submerged leaves will decay and may shorten the bouquet’s life.

      12. You Can Dry Them

        When it comes to propagating flower, you always want to reproduce flowers you truly like. These are just twelve reasons in support of cosmos; there are many more. But, no doubt about it, cosmos are highly recommended for propagation.