12 Best Uses for Spray Adhesives

White stream coming out of a spray can

Spray adhesives are very popular, and are available in several different types that cater to different needs. Different spray adhesives have varying degrees of adhesion, which is an important factor to consider when you are selecting one for your project. Below are some of the many diverse applications for which you can use spray adhesives.

1. Crafts

You can use spray adhesives with a lower tack for your craft projects such as creating illustrations, models, miniatures, mosaics, decorative items, and jewelry. With a lower tack adhesive, you have the freedom to move things around for some time before the glue sets in place.

2 - Clothing

Spray adhesives are widely used in clothing, where they can hold pieces of cloth together before they are sewn. You can also glue buttons, decorative glitter, and gems onto the clothing. Spray adhesives are neater and also easier to use.

3 - Posters

You can easily stick posters on to surfaces with spray adhesives. It is much less work than applying glue and allows for an even application.

4 - Scrapbooks

scrapbook page

Another popular application for spray adhesives is in the creation of scrapbooks. With careful application, you can avoid messes like different pages getting glued together. Spray adhesives offer you greater control, which allows you to avoid problems like over-spray.

5 - Construction

Spray adhesives are also used in a range of construction applications. You can use it to glue different drywall and ceiling inserts.

6 - Furniture

You can use spray adhesives in the making and decoration of furniture. You can use it to make small items such as lamp shades and screens. You can renovate your old furniture by adding decorative elements or covers. You can also do repairs on upholstery and furniture.

7 - Wallpaper Borders

You can glue borders on to wallpaper to add a decorative aspect to your walls. Similarly, you can also add decorative strips on to walls in children’s bedrooms or toy rooms.

8 - School Projects

Kids doing crafts in a classroom

Spray adhesives are of great use for kids working on school projects. You can use them with great ease for any number of arts, crafts and simulations. Spray adhesives help you save a lot of time.

9 - Game Tables

With a spray adhesive, you can apply decorative covers on game tables. You can also make game tables of your own. You can use old furniture to renovate and create a totally new look.

10 - Architectural Models

Spray adhesives also come in handy for architectural projects. You can create miniatures easily and make changes as required.

11 - Decorative Wall Items

You can use spray adhesives to create a variety of decorative wall displays. Whether it is a photo frame or a montage of memorabilia, your options are endless.

12 - Gifts

You can create your own gifts for friends and loved ones. This adds a very personal touch and allows you a lot of freedom to express your thoughts. You can keep the likes and dislikes of recipient in mind and create a special gift for every occasion.