12 Causes of Basement Moisture


Basement moisture can be a huge problem if you do not deal with it in a timely manner. If the situation is left unattended, you will face problems including not only mold, but also damaged walls, floors, and belongings. If you correctly identify the cause of basement moisture, you can find a quicker solution to the problem. Some of the major causes of basement moisture are listed below.

Heavy Rains

Heavy rains can cause leakage and basement moisture. Keep the windows closed in the basement when there's a heavy rain.

Leaks in Plumbing

A broken pipe or connection can lead to constant dripping and moisture problems. Such issues must be fixed immediately to avoid greater problems like mold.


Condensation on basement walls and floors is usually the result of warm basement air coming in contact with cold air outside. It could also be due to lack of air circulation, a bathroom in the basement, or sweating pipes. Proper insulation of pipes, walls, and floors can prevent this issue.

Groundwater Infiltration

When the soil around the foundation carries excess of water, it will infiltrate the basement through the cracks. You can seal small cracks, but larger gaps need professional assistance.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters can become clogged with bird nests, feathers, leaves, and twigs. If that is the case, the water cannot flow properly and finds a way to the foundation.

Surrounding Grounds Slopes

If the area around the foundation slopes towards it, water will pool around it. The soil around the foundation must slope away from it. Soil that absorbs water more is also likely to cause problems.

Sprinklers Directing Water Towards the House

Over-watering of plants around the foundation or a constant spray of water from sprinklers can lead to water infiltration indoors. Only water plants when necessary and position sprinklers away from the house.

Clothes Being Dried Indoors

If you dry your clothes indoors in the basement, you are adding to the humidity. During humid weather, dry clothes outdoors. Also ensure that the dryer is properly vented outdoors.

Downspouts Too Close to House

Downspouts should ideally end at least 10-feet away from the house. If not, they could cause water buildup around the foundation.

Leaking Windows

Leaking windows will easily let in water because they are the lowest point of entry for groundwater. Replace old windows or install window wells.

Cracks in Foundation

If there are cracks in the foundation, they will let in water. Over time, the water flow will increase as the cracks grow bigger. Repair cracks on the floor or walls before they become major problems.

Inadequate Ventilation

Good air circulation, an efficient ventilation system, and proper venting of appliances can greatly reduce the chances of basement moisture buildup. Open windows when the weather is favorable to release excess moisture.