11 Materials Needed for a Chain Link Fence

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What You'll Need
Tie Wires
Premixed cement
Fence mesh
Terminal (or corner) posts
Line posts
Tension bars
Rail caps
Top rail
Tension wire
Tension bands
Post caps

A chain link fence can provide additional security for your home and also increase the value of your property. Installing a chain link fence is not too difficult, and the average person can install one in a weekend or two with the help of a couple of friends. However, before you start a chain link fence installation, you will want to ensure you have all the materials you will need on hand. This will help you avoid multiple trips to the hardware store or home improvement center. Here is a list of materials you will need in order to install a chain link fence.

1. Tie Wires

Tie wires will be needed to secure the wire mesh to the line posts in a chain link fence. The tie wires keep the wire mesh from pulling away from the line posts in the fence.

2. Premixed Cement

Cement in a wheelbarrow

You will pour cement into the post holes after digging them out. When the cement dries, it will provide support to the line posts and terminal posts that support the wire mesh in your fence.

3. Fence Mesh

The fence mesh is the actual fencing for your chain link fence. It is the part of the fence that is woven with steel to provide the primary surface for your fence. It is usually sold in rolls.

4. Terminal (Corner) Posts

Terminal posts (frequently called corner posts) are the steel posts installed at the corners of a chain link fence. They are normally 2 to 3 inches in diameter and made of galvanized steel. They are usually set into concrete so that they cannot be easily removed.

5. Line Posts

Chainlink fencing

Line posts are similar to terminal posts, but they are inserted into the ground at intervals of 5 to 6 feet between terminal posts. There are usually a few inches shorter than a terminal post and not quite as thick. These types of posts are also set into concrete.

6. Tension Bars

Tension bars are flat pieces of galvanized steel that are usually attached to the terminal posts. They run parallel to the terminal posts and are attached with tension bands. The tension bars are fed through the wire mesh where the mesh meets the terminal post.

7. Rail Caps

Rail caps are used to secure the top rail to the corner and posts. There are two types of rail caps. One connects to the top of the line posts and is inserted on top of the post itself. Rail caps that are attached to corner posts have a ring that slides down onto the post and the cap is angled at 90 degrees so that the top rail can be inserted into it.

8. Top Rail

The top rail in a chain link fence is the railing along the top of the wire mesh.

9. Tension Wire

Tension wire is pulled through the wire mesh at ground level in order to help keep it tight.

10. Tension Bands

Tension bands are to connect the corner post and tension bar. Tension bands can be tightened to increase the tension of the wire mesh and make it tighter.

11. Post Caps

Post caps are used to cover the corner posts to keep rain from falling into the post. They can also be used for decorative purposes.