12 Ways to Reuse Old Carpet

carpet door mat

Carpet is valuable material. When it comes time to change it out, don't waste the scraps by throwing them away. Here are a dozen ways your old carpet can continue to provide useful service for years after it comes off your floor.

colorful carpet scraps

1. Door Mats

Old carpets make the perfect material to create a new door mat. Cut the carpet into the size and shape you desire for a door mat. Then, you can even paint the carpet with latex paint in order to give it a whole new look. Use stencils to personalize it as needed. These even make great gifts for friends and family members moving into a new home, or you can easily create a holiday themed door mat on the cheap this way.

2. Window Screen Cleaners

It can be somewhat tricky to clean window screens, as debris, dust, and even dead bugs get caught in them on a regular basis. Take your old carpet and cut it into the shape and size of washcloths. Use these with soap and water to clean screens thoroughly and easily.

3. Furniture Movers

Moving furniture when you clean or rearrange a room can be hard on floors. Cut up an old carpet into small squares that fit beneath the legs of couches and tables. This makes furniture easier to move and safer on floors, which is a win-win.

4. Protect Car Doors

Parking too close to the walls of your garage could cause some damage to your car doors, which results in many dollars of repairs in some cases. Use scraps of an old carpet to combat this. Attach a strip of old carpet to the wall to give the car door a cushion in case there are any unfortunate collisions when opening the door.

5. Knee Savers

Old carpet makes for a great way to save your knees when kneeling to work in the garden or give the kids a bath. Scraps of old carpet can be used to kneel on, giving you a comfy reprieve.

6. Car Mats

carpet car floor

Instead of throwing out your old carpet, make it into upcycled car mats. This saves you from having to purchase pricey models, and it’s a great way to reduce waste. Cut your old carpet into the size and shape of mats that will fit in your care. Wash the newly made mats, let them dry, then pop them in the car for something soft and eco-friendly.

7. Prevent Plant Watering Spills

Cut up old scraps of carpet and place them underneath house plants to catch any water that seeps out of its container. This way, you don’t end up with a puddle or spill and the extra water is easily absorbed underneath the plant without you even having to think about it.

8. Snowy Day Driving

Driving in the snow can be nerve-wracking, especially when it gets slippery outside. That’s where some old carpet scraps come into play. Slices of old carpet stowed in your trunk can be used to get traction if your car is ever stuck due to inclement weather, which is a nice back up plan if you need it.

9. Line a Pet Crate or House

cat on carpet

Give your furry friend some extra comfort in their crate or outdoor dog house by lining it with your old carpet. This is something you won’t have to worry about getting dirty and your pooch is sure to love it.

10. Keep Your Trunk Clean

Put a piece of your old carpet down in your trunk so that you can easily shake it out if debris, leaves, or anything else collects in there. This is an easy way to keep this part of your car clean and damage free without having to vacuum it constantly.

11. Paint Helper

If you’re working on a painting or patching project, use a scrap of your old carpet to wipe brushes clean or to use as a place to wipe excess putty on.

12. Sock Catcher

Place a strip of carpet in between your washer and dryer or in between these machines and the wall. Let the strip hang out a bit in front of the machines. If you accidentally drop a sock or some other piece of laundry in these crevices, you won’t have to fish for it. All you’ll have to do is pull out the piece of carpet and your laundry will be rescued.

There are so many ways to reuse an old carpet that it’d be silly to simply throw it out. If you are getting rid of one, consider donating it or make sure to recycle it instead of throwing it in the trash.