14 Home Improvement Projects Under $50

man getting dressed with closet door mirror

Got idle hands? If you're looking for some ways to spruce up the exterior or interior of your home, here's some inspiration to get your hands back to work!

1. Paint the Front Door

Your front door welcomes friends, family, and visitors. Giving it a pop of color will make your home stand out in an otherwise cookie cutter neighborhood. Before you paint that door, be sure you’re not violating the guidelines of your HOA.

2. Faux Carriage Doors

wooden garage door with hinges

We admit, magnetic handles and hinges might be a bit of an illusion when attached to your garage door, but we won’t tell anyone if you don’t. Besides, who’s gonna notice? If they do, more than likely, they’ll marvel at your clever carriage door hack than be miffed at your little trick.

3. Patio Stencils

A little concrete stain, some well-placed stencils, and few hours with a brush in hand and voila! An easy rehab to spruce up your fading patio.

4. String Lights!

Yes, it was necessary to use the exclamation point to introduce this idea! String lights are inexpensive and easy to install, and add a bit of romance to quiet interludes with the ball-and-chain—er, the significant other, or an air of magic for your next gathering of those within your “bubble.”

5. Add a Porch Rug

outdoor porch rug under patio deck furniture

We have a thing for outdoor area rugs. Put one on your porch underneath the customary doormat to help “tie the porch (room) together.” The Dude would be proud.

6. Cap Your Fence Posts

While they add a finishing touch to your fence, they serve more than a decorative purpose. Capping them keeps them safe from the elements, extending their lives and money in your wallet each year you don't have to replace them.

7. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

woman hanging stick on wallpaper

You don’t have to go big to go bold. A bright design in a small space or a single accent wall can make a significant impact. And if you have commitment issues, you can find removable wallpaper to satisfy your desire for change without the fear of installing something “permanent.”

8. Glass Cabinet Inserts

Rather than spring for an expensive kitchen reno, pick one cabinet to showcase pretty plates or some other decorative accents. Switch out the boring wooden door with a glass insert for instant appeal.

9. Curtains the Right Way

Yes, you probably want to hang curtains in front of your bedroom window—unless you don’t mind sharing some skin with your neighbors. We’d rather you not be accused of indecent exposure, so hang your curtains right, and by right we mean giving it more height and width than the actual window. Give it six to twelve inches above the window frame (ceiling height is better) and three to six inches beyond the width of the frame. The bottoms should just skirt the floor for a luxurious, professional look.

10. Painted Doorknobs

Hardware can be expensive, especially if you’re switching out multiple doorknobs. For the price of some sandpaper, a liquid deglosser, some spray paint, and a few hours of your time, we can see a doorknob upgrade on your horizon.

11. Mirrored Closet

woman getting dressed with closet door mirror

You can add them to your closet door—or doors, for the illusion of more square footage in your bedroom. Attach them securely to the door with construction adhesive and add thin trim for decorative accents.

12. Switch Your Shower Curtain

You were probably getting tired of the plain jane one anyway. There are so many styles, colors, and patterns available, why not be a little extra and use two curtains instead of just one? Yeah, we’re dramatic like that.

13. Update Your Ceiling Fan

If you haven’t dusted your ceiling fan lately, you might want to get that done before this update. Once it’s clean and you decide it really does need an update, spring for some high heat black spray paint and give the blades and metal parts a nice coat or two for a sleek new look.

14. Add Some Green

Plants in different shades of green and/or variegated foliage give a sense of calm and serenity to the home. Cluster them together for a pretty vignette, or find larger ones for a dramatic focal piece. There are many types that are tolerant and forgiving of even the brownest thumbs.

There's nothing wrong with a cookie cutter look. But a little flair is nice, too!