14 Ways to Use a Pegboard in Your Home

pegboard organizer on desk

Pegboards are an inexpensive and versatile decorganizer that can be used in a variety of ways. Especially if your space is cozy, you might be able to make a serious reduction to your clutter by applying them creatively.

1. Organize Tools

The classic pegboard application—it's a great way to organize tools in your garage or workshop. Hang hammers, pliers, tape, scissors, and anything else that you frequently use here. You can also hang cups or upcycled cans here to hold things like nuts, screws, and bolts for easy organization.

tools hanging on pegboard

2. Kitchen Supplies

Hang measuring cups and spoons, spoons, spatulas, and baskets that hold spices on a wall in your kitchen that make your supplies easy to reach when you’re cooking up a gourmet meal. This serves as a functional and fashionable accent in this heavily used space within your home.

3. Hang Keys

If you have an abundance of key rings, a pegboard is an easy way to keep them organized and to keep yourself and your family members from losing their keys before they head out the door.

4. DIY Headboard

A pegboard can stand in for a headboard in your room above your bed. This allows you to hang decorations, as well as hooks and baskets that can do double-duty as storage. This is an inexpensive option that can easily replace a headboard and be a conversation and focal piece in your bedroom.

5. Craft Supplies

Organize your craft supplies with ease using a pegboard. Hang one up on a wall and place wire baskets along the pegboard as well as shelves that can hold all of your supplies. This is great for people who sew or use a die-cutter and have an abundance of supplies for these hobbies.

sewing supplies hanging on a pegboard

6. Kid and Pet Items

Children and pets tend to have a lot of stuff. Organize it in an easy to reach place by hanging a pegboard in a high-traffic family area. Hang baskets that can be labeled with different names. Place must-have items in the baskets, such as favorite books, leashes, toys, or grab-and-go snacks. You can also attach pegs to hang backpacks to easily grab before you run out the door.

7. Gallery Wall

Hanging a gallery wall is a great way to decorate a blank wall in your home. To add another dimension and make hanging the pictures and art even easier, set this decor on a pegboard.

8. Accessories

If you have a blank wall in your room or closet, consider hanging a pegboard to organize your accessories. Easily hang purses, hats, and belts on pegs so that you can see what you have and keep them from falling in a giant pile in the corner of your closet.

9. Workout Space

If you have a home workout space, you may want to hang a pegboard to keep this space neat and tidy and all your must-have items within reach. Hang towels and water bottles form your pegboard and hang baskets or buckets that will hold things like headphones so that you can easily grab your supplies that help you work up a sweat.

10. Home Office

Work from home spaces clutter up quickly. Let pegboard hold some of your papers and calendars, or supplies for any kind of work.

pegboard with craft supplies and rulers

11. Bathroom Storage

Hang a pegboard in your bathroom to make storage and organization a cinch. This is particularly useful for a kiddo’s bathroom. Include hooks to hang towels on, baskets for bath toys, and even toothbrush holders. All your bathroom must-haves will be easy to grab in one spot.

12. Table Runner

Use a pegboard in a unique way for entertaining! Place a rectangular pegboard across the middle of a table and decorate it with artful pinwheels or paper flowers on sticks that you can stick in the peg holes. This is an easy way to decorate and is even easier to change up from one holiday or dinner party to the next.

13. Bookshelves

Hang shelves from a pegboard and you will have an easy and inexpensive bookcase to decorate and use as storage. It’s as easy as that!

14. Laundry Room Items

Set up a pegboard along a wall in your laundry room to use to hang an ironing board and a drying rack, hang hampers for clothes separation, and to place baskets that will hold things like detergent, dryer sheets, your iron, and any other commonly used items.

These are just some of the many ways to creatively and efficiently use pegboards within your home.