15 Warm Halloween Costumes That Will Keep You Cozy in the Cold

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Everyone wants a Halloween costume that stands out. It's easy to forget how chilly the night can get while you're picking out your funniest (or most scandalous) outfit. People shivering on the streets after fun-filled parades are a common sight, come All Hallows Eve. This Halloween, why not get kooky while keeping cozy?

Here are some Halloween costume ideas that will help you stand out while staying warm.

Marty McFly

Time traveling can be tough, so Marty's a sensible dresser! The costume is made up of a button-down shirt with a blue and white square pattern, jeans, a jean jacket, and a red puffer vest.


Grab some suspenders, a flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, and a knit hat, and you'll be comfy and confident wherever you end up. A plastic ax can complete the look without freaking anyone out.


Waldo makes a habit of fitting in anywhere, and his trusty striped white and red sweatshirt with perfectly knit cap make sensible outerwear. Adding a pair of thick black glasses will take it over the top.

waldo costume

Mickey or Minnie Mouse

To get these two right, you'll need long-sleeved black top, red bottoms, white gloves and a pair of ears. Minnie also wears a polka dot dress, ruffly undergarments, and black tights. There are plenty of more revealing versions of these costumes, but why freeze your whiskers off when you could pack on the layers?


Witches are commonly conceived of wearing clothes that cover most of their body. Long, dark, flowing garments like skirts, dresses, and capes can seal the deal on this look with a hat and broom.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Nothing beats a full body costume for maximum protection from the cold! And these days there are several generations of turtle designs from which to choose, from throwback to contempo. With a few plastic implements and a colored bandana, you can build this look yourself around some green sweat clothes.

teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes

Garden Gnome

This costume is made up of artificial beards which can be bought from a store, hat which can be made from felt and you can wear your most beautiful gnome-like gown or dress and you will be ready for that chilly Halloween.

Carmen Sandiego

Another fan of the floor-length garments, Carmen sports a red trench coat, yellow scarf (or yellow triangle necklace), and a broad-brimmed hat (preferably also red).

Mario and Luigi

These guys do a lot of cave diving, so the dress for all occasions. Pick a green or red long-sleeve shirt, blue overalls, and cement the vision with white gloves and black boots. This makes a convenient couple or buddy outfit, too!

mario costume with go kart

Traditional Santa

Santa Claus has a great personality, which can makes him the life of any Halloween party. Traditionally, he wears a a large red coat with white, fluffy lining, and a big bushy beard, which can double as a face warmer. You can pull off a low-pro version with some red sweatpants, a bathrobe, a belt, and a santa hat.


This costume is popular among children, and it's a great way to swaddle a little one up in lots of fabric to take them out in the cold.


All you need is a bunch of white or tan fabric to wrap around your body. It helps to have a friend for this one, to get the fabric all secured.


Whether you're a diehard Frozen fan, trying to impress the kids, or just looking for the most body cover possible, this character costume has you covered. You can spring for the whole assembly, or keep things minimalist with a white shirt and skirt and some orange makeup on your nose.

olaf costume


Rock musicians tend to have ripped clothes, (like distressed jeans), torn and tattered shirts, bandanas and jean jackets. Create a warm costume around these mainstays by adding as many garment elements as it takes.

Orange Is the New Black

Orange scrubs and handcuffs can sell this whole thing on their own. The best part is, you can layer up as much as you want underneath! A pair of black converse sneakers will take it that one extra mile.