17 Amazing Pool Designs


Pools aren’t just for swimming—they also enhance the aesthetics of your yard. With so many different pool designs to choose from, you’re bound to find one that perfectly suits your unique sensibilities. Here's a roundup of some of our faves!

1. Family Friendly Fun

A pool that features waterfalls, slides, and islands is a great design for families to enjoy in their backyard. These playful pieces look great with a stone perimeter and surrounded by colorful landscaping.

2. Narrow Lap Pool

Pools are for more than just lounging! A long, narrowly designed lap pool is picturesque, great for some yard shapes, and helps keep you focused on your watery workouts.

3. Baja Shelves

Pools with a baja shelf allow swimmers to hang out in the shallow end without being fully submerged in the water. Think of these as a large top step where you can place chaise lounge chairs or just enjoy the half-in, half-out sensation.

4. Shipping Container Pool

Believe it or not, you can create a pool out of a shipping container. These are quick to be set up and can be heated relatively easily compared to larger models. They even look sleek and modern in your yard.

5. L-Shaped Oasis

L-shapes can help you make the most out of limited space, and they offer both a sleek look and a convenient workout area.

6. Floating Pavers

Floating pavers can be lounged on when swimmers need a break, or provide a futuristic mode of access to the rest of your space. Large pavers can provide room for food and drinks, lounging, and even full blown garden elements.

7. Lazy River

If you have enough space in your yard, consider setting up a lazy river, like those frequently found at resorts. Adults and kids alike will love floating along in this pool on a sunny day.

8. Tiled Accents

Decorative tiles can completely change the aesthetic of your pool, providing a mesmerizing backdrop for years of splashing fun or elegant social gatherings.

9. Beach Entry

Pools can mimic walking into the ocean when they’re devoid of steps and instead get gradually deeper as you enter the water. 

10. Stacked Infinity Pools

Stacks of infinity pools offer the feeling of pure luxury, especially when they come paired with a beautiful view. Their raised design can also conveniently separate a spa from a regular pool. 

11. Freeform Pool

Freeform pool designs fit naturally in with their surroundings. Many freeform designs make use of earth tones and flagstones for thir organic feel.

12. Built-In Spa

A pool with a built-in spa allows swimmers to seamlessly jump from pool to jacuzzi whenever the mood strikes. Position a square or circular spa in the corner or edge of a pool for easy access. Usually these features are raised. 

13. Natural Design

Make a pool look like a natural body of water in your yard by using a pebble pool finish on the surfaces and gathering other natural materials like stones to give the structure a wild feel.

14. Fire Pit

Drawing on the power of the elements fire pits make excellent additions to pool lounge areas, especially during evening festivities.

15. See-Through Panels

Transparent panels can give pools that aquarium vibe. The windows can open into the air or face the insides of an adjacent residence.

16. Brick Wall

Bricks of any kind can make a striking pool divider or wall, and can feature trickling fountains for a calming noise and healthy water circulation—the moving water makes it harder for algae to form.

17. Fun Fountains

Pools with fountain spouts on either side create an artful, elegant look, and make for fun, playful swim time.


Any one of these pool designs could take your home to the next level, both from a design and fun perspective. Maybe one of these styles will inspire some elements of your next backyard pool project.

If so, consider sharing your creation with us! We'd love to see what you come up with. Happy swimming!