19 Essential Items to Take to an RV Camping Park

RV camping parks provide many amenities to keep campers comfy and cared for. However, an RV vacation does mean that certain provisions need to be thought about before hand in order to have a fun and enjoyable time. Though breakdowns, weather, sickness, and noisy neighbors might be out of the camper's control; with a few essential items many things can be taken care of long before arriving.

Safety and Hygiene

Toilet Paper - Even though some RV parks provide toilet paper, you can bet it isn't very great stuff. Be on the safe side and put a few rolls in with your toiletries.

First Aid Kit - Due to being able to take more items, have more tools for cooking, and more recreational time which often includes alcohol, the risks involved in RV camping increase. For this reason make sure the RV's first aid kit is fully stocked with: bandages of multiple sizes, hydrogen peroxide, medical tape, 4x4 gauze pads, ice pack, Neosporin, Corizone, needle, moleskin, and standard pain killer.

Net Laundry Bag - This seemingly simple addition can save stress and frustration in close quarters.


    Flip Flops - For communal showers or going down to the beach. Also a great thing to have for quick trips in and out of the RV.

    Wash Cloths and Towels - Notorious for slow drying and having unexpected uses. Always bring double the amount thought needed.

      Outdoor Enjoyment

      Large Tarp with 550 cord rope - For RV's without awnings or if a sheltered area is desired outside a smaller awning.

      Firewood - RV parks often sell firewood, but the price is usually high.

      Lawn Chairs - For sitting and relaxing around the fire or under the awning.

      Insect Repellent and Vinegar - for taking the itch out of bites. Vinegar dabbed on bites or stings will remove the irritation. Insect repellent and citronella candles can make sitting around the campfire or dinner table much more pleasant.

      Sunscreen - Another easily forgettable accessory which can make recreation much more pleasant, especially with children.

      Roasting Poles - Whether marshmallows or hot dogs, roasting over a campfire is a quintessential family activity. Finding sticks at an RV park can be a tiresome and often less than fruitful endeavor. Bring along some poles just in case.


        Calling Cards - Some RV parks do not get very great cell phone coverage but do have pay phones available. Don't pay long distance charges or burn expensive, roaming minutes on cell phones. Purchasing a 5 dollar calling card, even if only for emergency.

        Cell Phone Charger - An easily forgotten accessory that becomes very important at crucial times.

        Maps - Many RV parks sell maps, but much like toilet paper and firewood they are exceptionally expensive.

          Vehicle Maintenance Items

          Wheel Blocks and Trailer Levelers - Not every campsite is perfect, especially in well picked over areas.

          Waste Water Hose and Rubber Gloves - Germs can linger on the hoses regardless of how clean they may seem.

          Bacterial Additive for Waste Water Tanks - Try to steer clear of harmful toxic additives which could leach into ground water supplies or spill inside the RV.

          Fresh Water Hose - Be sure to store this separately from the waste water hose.

          25 foot heavy duty extension cord (or longer) - Plug ins can be in awkward places in some campgrounds and set up might require your cord reach across some distance.