3 Advantages of a Series Circuit

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A series circuit is basically a circuit that contains just one single path for a power source to go through, which means that the circuit current has to flow throughout the entire load for everything to work as it should. More often than not, this type of circuit is used with Christmas lights. While the main disadvantage to a series circuit is that the rest will no longer be able to work if one part stops, which you’ve probably fought with year after year every time you decorate your Christmas tree, there are several advantages to keep in mind as well. Many people will automatically reject a series circuit because of this one disadvantage, but don’t let it fool you. Get to know the advantages to decide whether it is really all that bad.

1. Adding Power Devices

The biggest advantage of a series circuit is that you can add additional power devices, usually using batteries. This will greatly increase the overall force of your output by giving you more power. Your bulbs may not shine as brightly once you have done this, but you probably won't notice the difference. This advantage by and large outweighs the single disadvantage mentioned above.

2. Ease of Use

Series circuits are easy to learn and to make. Their simple design is easy to understand, and this means that it’s simple to conduct repairs without the help of a professional. This will also help you calculate the voltage of your circuit easily.

3. Less Likely to Overheat

Series circuits also do not overheat easily. This makes them very useful in the case of something that might be around a potentially flammable source, like dry plants or cloth. This advantage is also one of the main reasons series circuits are used with Christmas lights. During the winter season, Christmas lights stay on for long stretches of time, so having an easily overheating circuit would mean that you would constantly risk blowing the whole circuit or catching something on fire.

While a series circuit does have advantages, it is important that you research other types of circuits to be sure that you get the right one for your application. There are several advantages and disadvantages with other circuits as well that you should consider before you make your decision. This will help you to be more satisfied with that way your things are wired and you will also have a basic understanding of the product that you chose if you ever have to troubleshoot it.