2 Advantages of Installing Radiant Barrier Foil Along Attic Baseboards

A crumpled foil background.

If you have too much heat escaping through your attic, especially in the winter, adding a layer of radiant barrier foil along your attic baseboards could save you a lot of money.

1 - Better Heat Reflection in Winter

Even if you have already used other types of radiant barriers such as barrier paint, fitting a radiant barrier foil layer can still help stop hot air from rising through the attic. Radiant foil barriers block around 97 percent of all rising heat, making them more effective than any other type of barrier.

2 - Reduced Heat Transmission in Summer

In the winter, you want to keep the heat in your home from rising into your attic. In the summer, the reverse can occur, as heat is transferred from your attic to rooms with walls or floors adjacent to it. Radiant barrier foil can prevent this, keeping the extreme heat in your attic from affecting the rest of your home.

A worker installing loose fill insulation in an attic.Thinking about adding insulation too? Here are some options.