2 Bamboo Flooring Types Compared: Dimensional Stability

bamboo flooring

When it comes to adding a unique look to any room, bamboo flooring is a great option to choose from among the many other choices. There are many people who love the look of this light wood and the way that it can contrast with the different colors and shades in a room. Bamboo flooring also has the label of "green" with it that means that there are few harmful additives in the processing of the flooring. A lot of people use the bamboo flooring in their homes because its hardness and the ability to handle humidity and moisture. If you are new to bamboo flooring, or are thinking about buying some for your home, here is a short guide to the different types available.

Solid Bamboo Flooring

Out of the two different types of bamboo flooring, the solid, or traditional, type is the most popular. If for no other reason than it has been the only type of up until recently. This type of bamboo flooring is great for homes that are in areas where there is a lot of high humidity. You do not need a lot of glued materials as it is manufactured out of solid bamboo. There are no pressed boards, or gluing of different types of wood to make up the thickness.

Engineered Bamboo Flooring

The other type of bamboo flooring is an engineered system that is based on a tongue and groove system. This type of floor is a floating floor. This means that the planks will connect with a clickable system without any of the nails or glues. It floats over the surface of the floor. This engineered flooring is a laminate which means that the top is a bamboo product, but the other layers are all other pieces of wood that are glued together. There is a lot of strength with this floor, but it does not hold up to moisture and humidity as well as the solid type.


After the two different types of bamboo flooring that is available to consumers, there are a few different styles available for different looks.

Pre-Finished Bamboo Flooring - This style of bamboo flooring is one that is a little more susceptible to moisture than most. This is because you can not go over it with any type of sealant. You have to use the finish that comes from the factory leaving the seams in between the flooring planks open to moisture.

Strand Bamboo Flooring - Strand bamboo flooring is very dense and is a mashing up of the different pieces of bamboo. Many people will say that is type of flooring is practically indestructible and will last for generations without any problems.

Horizontal and Vertical Style - This simply refers to the way that the grain is going in the individual planks.

Different Properties

No matter what type of bamboo flooring, or style, that you choose you are going to see that they all have different properties. Depending on the installation, type, and other conditions you can see varying degrees of color fade, warping, and even splitting in the wood. However, if you are looking for an elegant looking hardwood floor, you can get a lot of value with hardwood flooring.