Quick Information on Pedestal Sinks and Vanity Sinks

bathroom with a pedestal sink

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, then choosing the best bathroom sink base can be a tricky decision. Here is a little bit of information on different bases to help you with the decision process.


A pedestal sink base is more about the look and feel of the bathroom. They draw attention to your sink and make it the center of the room. Pedestal sinks don't allow for storage; however, because of the lack of storage, the pedestal doesn't take up as much room as a vanity sink base. If you have a smaller bathroom with a closet, a pedestal sink may be the best choice.


Vanity sinks are more popular when it comes to full bathrooms, whereas pedestal sinks are common for half baths and guest baths. Vanities are known for their room and storage. They are great for kids' bathrooms and master baths, where there is a lot to store.

Counter space is another to have a vanity. The storage is enough for not only soap and towels, but also make up and accessories. Vanities are great for shared bathrooms. While the upside is having a lot more room, the is a down side is that attaching the plumbing to a vanity is more complicated. Another great thing about vanities is that you have many more options among different components. You can design the hidden parts to meet your storage needs.

Either of these sink options is great for the bathroom. If you like minimalist style or have other storage, a pedestal sink base is a great choice. If you like to have everything right there stored and on-hand, then a vanity is great. Considering your needs and priorities first can help you decide which is better for both your lifestyle and design vision.