2 Best RV Roof Coatings For Discoloration

Applications of RV roof coatings not only add beauty to your RV but also cover the vehicle with a shield of protection against discoloration and other forms of damage. Although application of an RV roof coating is a very easy task to accomplish, the type of coating to be applied has to be considered thoroughly. The material of which the surface of the roof is made should be the major determinant of the type of coating to be applied. Here are common RV roof coatings that you can use to prevent discoloration of the roof of your RV.

1. Elastomeric Coating

Electrometric coatings are of the best that you can use but only if your RV roof is made of fiberglass or metal. Most owners prefer this coating because while protecting the surface, it also insulates the vehicle. This coating also acts as a sealant and is perfect for a roof that has leaks.

2. Rubber Roof Topcoat

This type of coating is best for RVs whose surface is rubberized. The overall effect of the coating is to improve the appearance of the vehicle and add a protective coating that shields it from the harmful UV rays of the sun, especially because this is the most exposed part of the vehicle.