2 Bluestone Paver Cleaning Tips

Once you have installed your bluestone paver feature, it is important to maintain it regularly using the different types of cleaning products available to you. There are many different ways of cleaning a bluestone paver pathway or patio, but these will only work effectively if you match the right kind of cleaning material with the right dirt. Cleaning your pavers properly will ensure that they look good for longer.

Cleaning Mud and Soil

If you have a bluestone paver patio or walkway, then it will certainly become muddy with time. The best way to ensure that the mud doesn't affect your bluestones is to clean it off as soon as possible. Use a broom to sweep the surface mud away, and then clean the rest off using a water spray. If you find that the mud has stained, use a little bleach (1 part bleach to 10 parts of water), and scrub the pavers thoroughly.

Cleaning Other Stains

If you find that the stains have settled into the paver, and can be shifted with chlorine or bleach, then you will need to use a little acid to get rid of the stains. You could either choose to do this yourself, although this is dangerous, or call in a professional.