2 Carpet Cutting Tips

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Carpet cutting can be a complicated job, and not it doing it right can ruin a large piece of good carpet. Ensuring the perfect fit for a room or while making a small rug is very important. There are some basic tools you should know how to use and you can do the job in no time.

Measure Carefully

Taking accurate measurements is of paramount important before you start cutting carpet. Start by measuring the dimensions of the area you want to install the carpet in. Removing floor trim and baseboards around the floor of a room will ensure more accuracy when taking measurements. When marking the measurements on the carpet, make sure you unroll the carpet on a totally flat surface. Use your driveway. The carpet should be ‘face-side’ down for marking and for cutting.

Cut Accurately

Cutting the carpet can be either done with a carpet knife or with carpet shears, depending on the thickness of the carpet. When you start cutting the carpet along the marked measurement lines, start with a carpet knife. If the carpet is thick, the knife will be able to cut all the way. If it does not, use carpet shears to finish the job. Wear safety goggles always while cutting carpet.