2 Chairs that are Comparable to an Eames Chair

There are at least 2 chairs that are comparable to an Eames chair style. An Eames chair is a style of chair made from a single piece of plywood that was first made in the 1950s. These chairs are a simple, classic design, with an aluminum chair frame for the legs. The Herman Miller furniture company first mass-produced these chairs around 1956, which were the brainchild of husband and wife Charles and Ray Eames. The chair, with ottoman, usually runs in excess of $3,000 for knock-off styled chairs.

Leather wingback chairs and executive desk chairs are similar in style to the Eames chair. The Eames chair is a unique American design but its cost at around $6,500 to $10,000 or more may be prohibitive for most economically conscious executives and users of the chair. A standard office chair in the wingback or executive style may provide the same level of style and comfort as the Eames chair for a much lower price.

Leather Wingback Chairs

The leather wingback chair is a comparably styled chair to the Eames chair. This chair design features a wing design at the head of the chair and a similar unibody construction as the Eames Chair. Leather wingback chairs are a comfortable edition for a home or commercial office and provide much the same level comfort as the Eames. The Eames swivel design is copied in many leather wingback chairs, which makes it as comparable to the styling of the Eames.

The cost for a leather wingback chair is around $1,000 which is considerably less than a comparable swivel Eames-style chair.

Executive Desk Chairs

Executive desk chairs are standard for most offices. They also feature a similar unibody style that looks like the Eames style chair. The cost for a swivel executive desk chair is between several hundred to several thousand dollars; which is still less than the cost of an Eames chair.

Executive style desk chairs are easy to find since they are manufactured by many different makers. This makes the supply of executive desk chairs greater and more readily available than original Eames provided through the Herman Miller Foundation.

Other Chair Styles

There are other chair styles that may be comparable to an Eames chair. Almost any swivel style, unibody constructed office or lounge chair can be comparable to the Eames style chair. When considering another type of chair that is like the Eames, look for a chair that is well-constructed and has the same styling and comfort as an Eames chair. If you are looking for an Eames comparable chair, set a budget and look for the chair that is within that price range.

Examples of the Eames can be found online through the Herman Miller Foundation who holds the exclusive manufacturing rights for the chair. Knock-offs can be found for less than the Eames, but if you do not plan to spend several thousands, go with a wingback or executive desk chair.