2 Cheap Ways to Repair Small Car Scratches

Car scratches are more than annoying. They mar the finish of your car’s paint and make it less valuable. There are some cheap ways to eliminate car scratches that are more effective than a new paint job.

1 - Touch-Up Paint

The very careful application of touch-up paint can make car scratches look like new. You need to use a very fine brush and make sure the area is completely cleaned first. After that, take an extremely fine brush and paint along the scratch. Your color needs to be an exact match for the paintwork on your car. Wipe away any excess paint from outside the scratch and then leave to dry.

After it’s dried decide if you need to add an extra coat of paint or whether you just need to wax. If you add a second coat of touch-up paint to the car scratches, wax them once dry.

2 - Polish

Polish is mildly abrasive so you can use it to eliminate car scratches by gently taking off some of the paint. Put the polish on a cloth and wipe over the scratch. Rub the surrounding area, too, so the paint matches. Wipe the polish off and the car scratches should be invisible. Protect the areas by applying wax.