2 Common Causes of Oily Well Water

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Across the United States thousands of homes rely on well water. Well water is popular in rural areas. For the most part, it's easy to keep up with. Sometimes things can go wrong and attention is needed. If you notice an oily appearance, smell, or flavor to your well water, there are a few things you can check.

Excess Iron Bacteria

Iron bacteria is commonly found in northern regions, but it can be found anywhere. If a well was drilled too close to a lake or pond that isn't treated, you will more than likely end up with this problem at some point. This problem can be corrected by applying a variety of chemicals or removing the iron bacteria-infected pipes around the well. It's a big undertaking, but is simple for a professional.

Bad Pump

Another common reason for oily well water is a worn out well pump. Since many (but not all) well pumps use a hydraulic system to operate, a broken pump can cause oil to seep into the water supply. The only way to remedy the problem is to replace the pump and remove the oil from the existing water supply. Again, it is something that a professional can easily do. It should be repaired sooner rather than later.