2 Common Portable Air Conditioner Hose Problems

A portable air conditioner hose may go bad for different reasons. There are various things that can cause problems with the hoses. The best way to address any issue is by first knowing how a portable air conditioner works and what common problems to look for.

A portable air conditioner is an air conditioning unit that doesn't need to be placed in a window and can be moved from room to room. This self-contained unit cools the air just like a traditional air conditioner. They require two hoses to function properly: a drain hose and a vent hose.

1. Drain Hose

As air is cooled by the portable air conditioner unit, moisture is being removed from the air. The condensation that is collected is drained from the unit using a drain hose. Based on the model of the portable air conditioning unit, the hose may empty this water into a bucket, or is pumped out of a window or opening designed for this purpose. In some units, the hot air exhaust is used to evaporate the water that is collected.

If there is a problem with the drain hose you may notice that the water is collecting in the unit and not draining properly. Signs of this may be flooding around the unit, water leakage around the hose area, or the unit failing to operate.

To check for problems, locate the drain hose and inspect for kinks or bends in the hose. Also check the drain hose for holes and ensure that the hose is attached to the unit securely. If you find that the hose is damaged a replacement hose can be ordered from the manufacturer and installed fairly easy at a reasonable cost. If the hose is pump operated, inspect the pump for problems and repair as needed consulting the owner's manual.

2. Vent Hose

The vent hose, or exhaust hose, is used to pull air from the room, cool it, and return the cooled air back into the room. Some portable air conditioner units are equipped with two air hoses: one to pull the air into the unit and one to removed the hot air from the room. Air conditioner units with two vent hoses are more efficient and cool faster than units with one hose, but the cost may be higher due to the increased efficiency.

If there are problems with the exhaust hose you may notice the unit not cooling the space or overheating of the unit. Signs of this may be an increase of the sound coming from the motor or the unit failing to operate.

To check for problems with the exhaust hose examine the hose for physical damage or air leaks coming from the hose. Also, if the motor is louder check the hose for obstructions and make sure that it is securely attached. Vent hose can also be ordered from the manufacturer and should be easy to replace.