2 Common Problems in Bathtub Faucets

Water running out of a faucet
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Bathroom faucets are some of the hardest working plumbing systems in your home, and as they are used year in and year out without too much sensitivity, it should not be surprising if they sometimes break down. There are a number of things you should look out for which suggest your bathroom faucets are having trouble.

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The most obvious of these is the drip of the tap in the middle of the night, but you should also look out for other problems, such as a water line stain around the bottom of the faucet, or water only running weakly although the tap is turned up high.

Bathtub Faucet Clog

This is one of the most common types of problems you will see in your bathroom faucet. A blockage in the faucet is suggested by a number of signs, including weakly running water, dirty or discolored water, and sometimes noises in the faucet itself. The blockage, unlike that of a toilet or outside drain, will need a lot of assistance to move down the pipe, so you will have to unscrew the pipes.

In the faucet, you will find a little mesh that prevents debris from being carried up the spout and out into your bath. This screen will collect a lot of dirt over the years, particularly if you live in a hard water area, so you need to remove the top of the faucet, and take out the mesh. Wash it under hot water, and you should have your problems resolved. Once the mesh is clean, replace it in the faucet, and turn it on to full power. You should now get a properly flowing amount of water.

Bathtub Faucet Dripping

dripping faucet

If in the last problem there was too little water, in this problem there is far too much. Constant dripping of a faucet tap can waste money, particularly if it is the hot water tap, and it will also drive you to distraction. But, you can fix it quickly and easily, so long as you know exactly what is causing the problem. There are three main types of faucet, the Compression faucet and the ball or washerless faucet.

With the compression faucet, the dripping problem is most likely to be caused by a damaged washer, which has become too worn to provide a perfect seal around the tap, allowing water to seep through. This problem may also be the cause of water staining around the bottom of the faucet, as water leaks from the washer downwards. Most often, though, it will go up the spout. Take off the faucet, and locate the problematic washer. Replace, and put the faucet back on top of the washer. Tighten as before, and you should have a good seal on your faucet.

With the newer ball or washerless faucet, you may find that the faucet has just worn down through overuse. These types of faucets do not have a simple solution to their dripping, so you may need to find a reliable plumber, and get them to replace the faucet completely.

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