2 Commons Problems with a Flow Control Valve

A flow control valve works by regulating the flow of the water on your home-water system. This type of flow control valve works around certain pre-programmed parameters so it automatically responds to signals sent by monitoring devices and gauges. For instance, if your flow meter says that there is too much water in the pipes, the flow control valve will automatically reduce the amount of the flow.

Although most types of flow control valves are durable and reliable, you may encounter some problems with these devices from time to time. Below are some of the most common problems that you may encounter while using this type of device in your home water system.

Uneven Hot Water Distribution

If your flow control valves are improperly installed, you may experience uneven hot-water distribution around the house. To correct the problem, check out the circulator motors on the system as and the flow control valves. Make sure that the flow control valves are working properly and if not, you should replace them right away.

Hot Water Backflow

Water backflow can occur if you do not have enough flow control valves installed around the house. You may need to install another flow control valve on the reverse side of the circulator to ensure that the water is going in the right direction.