2 Cost-Efficient Ways to Remove Cracking Paint

Cracking paint is a common occurrence. Usually, you can see it in older homes that have been applied with many layers of paint. The crack often resembles a flattened spider web, and it can make an otherwise smooth surface unsightly. Hence, when such a problem occurs in your home, you need to remove the paint and paint the surface over with a new coating. However, paint removal can be quite expensive.

Scraping It Off

The most inexpensive method of removing cracking paint is to scrape it off with a putty knife. It can be done gradually until the whole area has been cleaned. However, this method is very tiring and is not practical when the cracking occurs in a large area.

Using a Heat Gun

A heat gun is a cheap way of removing cracked paint from most surfaces, but you need to ensure that proper care is taken. This can be done by the heat regulator that is incorporated in the power tool, preventing you from damaging the surface due to overheating.

When using a heat gun, know the kind of material you will be working on and read the instruction on the use of the proper temperature. Heat the paint enough to make it malleable and scrape it off with a scraping tool. Always wear a glove when heating and direct the hot air away from your hands.