Decorating Ideas for Southwestern Bathrooms


Whether you live in the southwest or you just love the feel of it, southwestern bathroom décor provides a warm atmosphere with unique designs and patterns. Read this article for advice on creating a southwestern ambiance in your bathroom.

Color Scheme

The colors follow a desert tone, with almost all shades of brown. The theme also includes a lot of cactus green, dark reds, bright yellows, orange, and turquoise. These colors may seem like quite the combination, but with more of the browns and reds with the yellows and oranges playing as accents to them, you will be able to create a subtle look of southwestern style.

Pieces and Other Accents

Southwestern décor includes brightly painted items like tiles and ceramics to add authentic, cultural detail. Adding unique tiles to the walls, such as one line of tiles all the way around the bathroom, will definitely enhance the southwestern presence. You should also be able to find bathroom-specific items with the southwest feel. You can find soap dishes, shower curtains, towels, light fixtures, small pictures, and even floor mats to go with the theme. Native American pottery and rugs will advance the theme as will pinion-scented candles and potted cactus.