2 Different Types of Spray Shields Explained

If you’re working with a spray paint gun, you also need to use spray shields. Spray shields are a piece of equipment that can stop you from overspraying areas, especially around awkward corners. When you’re spraying a house, it can be difficult and time-consuming to mask off everything. Spray shields mean you don’t have to do that and they can protect most areas where you’re working.

When To Use A Spray Shield

As an example, you can use a spray shield when you’re spraying paint next to a roof. A spray shield is very much as the name describes and is something to shield a specific area from the paint. You have to hold it as you work. The shield itself attaches to a handle. This gives you more flexibility, as you can position it exactly where you need it.

The downside is that you sometimes have to hold it as you work, keeping it in position with one hand as you spray with the other. This can be quite tiring on your arms after a while so you’ll probably need to take frequent breaks. There are two main types of spray shields. The first is cardboard and the other is made from aluminum.

Cardboard Spray Shields

You can make your own cardboard spray shields or buy them from paint stores. The usual sizes range from 10 inches by 30 inches to 12 inches by 36 inches. You’ll find that they’re sold by the bundle and not individually. You can attach them to an aluminum handle. This allows you to move them as you need them, such as if you’re spraying next to a brick chimney, for example. As you move from the top of the house downwards, you only need to move the shield as you go down the ladder.

When you’re painting by the roof, you can use cardboard spray shields to keep spray paint off the shingles. To do this, slip them between the flashing and the shingles, making sure the shields overlap each other by at least 2 inches.

Aluminum Spray Shields

Aluminum spray shields, by contrast, have wooden handles. Unlike cardboard spray shields, which can only be used once, aluminum can be cleaned and used over and over. They’re intended more for indoor use although they can be used outside. Aluminum spray shields have angled edges. These allow you to spray all the way into the corner. The angle should always face what you’re spraying. With some areas, it can catch any dripping paint, too.

When using aluminum spray shields, make sure you don’t spray too near to the edges. This ensures you won’t spray beyond the edge and also means the shield can do its job properly. Aim the spray toward the center of the shield. Clean the shield whenever you take a break. All you need to do is wipe it off with a rag, paying special attention to the edges so paint doesn’t accumulate there. When you’ve finished painting, clean the aluminum spray shield thoroughly so it’ll be ready to use next time.