2 Different Types of Tub Spouts Explained

free standing bathtub in brick room

There are at least two different types of tub spouts that are available for installation in your bathtub. This includes the diverter-type tub spouts and the non-diverter spouts. These two types of tub spouts are easy to install and provide your bath with a way to control the water flow.

The chief difference between the diverter and non-diverter types of tub spouts is how they are used.

Diverter Tub Spouts

A diverter tub spout is designed with a mechanism inside that allows water to flow upward. This upward flow creates the necessary pressure to start a shower. This type of tub spout is fairly common in almost every home.

The features of a diverter tub spout include a button that can be held up or one that is attached to the wall that creates the diversion of water from the bath to the shower.

Diverter tub spouts come in different polishes, styles, and finishes. You can find a tub spout made from chrome, brass, aluminum, and other types of materials.

The type of tub spout with the diverter feature that you choose is based on your design style and aesthetics. The more exotic or fancy the material that you want in the tub spout the more expensive the tub spout will be.

Non-Diverter Tub Spout

A non-diverter tub spout, by its very name, works in the opposite direction of a diverter-type tub spout. The non-diverter type of tub spout does not have a mechanism to cause the flow of water to be diverted from the bath.

A non-diverter tub spout would be found in pedestal bath tubs or other types of antique baths that do not have, or use, a shower feature.

These types of tub spouts may use fancier materials including glass and gold plated and can be more expensive than the more utilitarian styled diverter tub spouts that are more commonly used.

A non-diverter tub spout can also be found in the same types of materials that are used in a diverter styled tub spout including polished brass, chrome and aluminum. However, the materials for these types of spouts are also available in very expensive finishes like gold, silver and copper.

Installing a Tub Spout

Whether the tub spout has a diverter or is a non-diverter type, its installation is usually pretty easy. Most tub spouts designed for today’s bath tubs slide into place and can be adhered with a bead of silicone caulk that is applied with a caulk gun.

A ring can be placed over the tub spout to hide any unsightly caulk markings and your tub spout, whether it is the diverter type or non-diverter type is ready to be used.

Because of its design it usually does not require many tools to install aside from a caulk gun and silicone caulk if necessary. In many cases you simply slide the tub spout into place and it is ready for use.

Choosing the right type of tub spout for your bathroom comes down to your need for a shower or a luxurious bath tub to soak in.