2 Driveway Gate Design Tips

There are several different driveway gate design approaches that homeowners should take under consideration when choosing a driveway gate.

Tip #1 – Gate Entrance Access

In order to access a driveway gate, there are three primary methods: automatic access via motion sensors, remote control gate openers and keypad code access.

The most passive, and least secure of these methods is the motion sensor method, where a sensor detects the presence of a vehicle at the gate and automatically opens.

Using a remote control allows for much more control over gate entrance access because only vehicles with a remote control are allowed to open the gates or the gate can be opened from inside the property.

A keypad code access system requires that the driver to punch in a keypad before the gate opens. This can be an especially attractive way to limit entrance to a property via the driveway.

Tip #2 – Gate Installation

When a driveway gate is installed it can be installed so that it is held on wheels and slides in a straight line across the driveway entrance. It can also be installed via a cantilever system where the gate is suspended slightly above the pavement of the driveway and it swings open to allow entrance to the property.