2 Dry Rot Treatment Tips

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If any wooded areas, furniture or fixtures in your home have recently come under fire from fungus, you may be in the market for an effective dry rot treatment. Below are two helpful tips that will help you get rid of dry rot and prevent it from spreading.

Tip 1 - Get Rid of Any Affected Areas

One of the key tips to dry rot treatment is to promptly remove any wooded areas affected by the rot. Once dry rot has set in, nothing can get rid of it, but this tip will help keep it from spreading. If the dry rot has taken hold of a piece of furniture, use a saw to cut off the rotted area. If the rotted wood is connected to the structure of your home, you will need to consult a professional carpenter instead of attempting to remove it on your own.

Tip 2- Protect the Unaffected Areas

Taking steps to protect the unaffected wood areas is another important dry rot treatment tip. Even after the dry rot-laden portion of wood has been removed, you will need to apply a dry rot fungicide to the rest of the wood in the immediate vicinity. This type of fungicide is usually applied with a small paintbrush, and it is generally recommended that you apply an additional coat once the initial one has fully dried.