2 Home Kitchen Remodeling Scams To Avoid

Hand holding cash in front of a kitchen remodel plan

When someone makes the decision to begin a home kitchen remodeling project, they can open themselves up to risk by entrusting their home to a stranger. Here are two scams to avoid:

1. “Free” Inspections

Beware of companies that advertise free home inspection. Often times, burglars use these ads as a ploy to check out your home. Seemingly-legit contractors can also use free inspections to find non-existent problems with your home. If a contractor offers a free inspection or estimate, be sure to check their credentials before allowing them into your home.

2. Handshake Deals

When it comes to a construction project, relying solely on a stranger’s promise is risky. By not getting your contract in writing, you run the risk of being overcharged, having deadlines ignored, and getting shoddy workmanship. An oral contract can be unenforceable in court.

Even if you know and trust your contractor and have seen their work before, get everything – from the estimate to the time frame and deadline to all work the contractor will be performing – in writing and save yourself from huge potential problems down the road.