2 Ideas for an Outdoor Spiral Staircase

Rather than a plain old set of stairs for your deck or other outdoor structure, consider an outdoor spiral case instead. Not only are spiral staircases more interesting than regular stairs, they help draw attention where you want it most. Here are a few ideas how spiral cases can help spruce up your landscape.

1. Location Suggestions

Spiral stair cases are a great choice for raised decks or a porch or balcony on an upper level floor. They use a much smaller foot print, in terms of space used, and are much more attractive than a regular outdoor stairwell. If your children have a tree house, a spiral case is a much cooler way for them and their friends to make trips to and from the secret hideout. Spiral cases also help to discourage running and up and down the stairs, which means they will usually be much safer.

2. Material Ideas

Spiral staircases can be made of the same materials used in standard stairwells. They can be constructed with wood, iron or even concrete. While concrete or iron spiral cases only need a minimum amount of care and maintenance, wooden staircases will require the use of pressure treated lumber and occasional treatment with a good deck or wood sealer. On the other hand, wooden spiral cases can often lend a more nostalgic and rustic look to your home.