2 Methods for Carpet Seaming

Carpet seaming is necessary to join 2 carpets together producing an invisible seam and avoiding unsightly carpet seam gaps. Below are the 2 methods of seaming carpets together.

Use a Hot Melt Seaming Tape

Two carpets can be seamed together using a hot melt seaming tape. The hot melt seaming tape is a type of tape adhesive with a silicone paper backing. It is ideal for stick and double bond installations. A hot melt seaming tape requires a special tool called the hot melt seam sealing machine in order to seam carpets. However, a conventional iron would do for seaming small carpets together. It is ideally used in seaming large carpets together and is available in various types and sizes at your local home improvement store.

Use Seam Sealing Adhesive

Seam sealing adhesives are either acrylic-based, water-based or solvent-based adhesives contained in an applicator bottle for easy seaming applications. It is ideal for seaming carpets in either double bond or direct stick mode. To apply the seam sealing adhesive, make a clean cut on the edges of both carpets that you want to seam together. Apply a generous amount of seam sealing adhesive on each end and press the 2 carpet ends together. Press on the 2 carpet edges to make sure that the seaming adhesive is distributed evenly on the carpet edges. Remove excess seaming adhesive using a clean piece of damp cloth. Allow the adhesive to dry before repositioning the carpet.